Have you ever suffered from a broken heart? I’m sure you have, even if you don’t want to admit it. Well, don’t be embarrassed. Love encompasses many prospects of disaster, and one of them definitely is being deserted by the person you are completely crazy about. But that’s not incurable; because time can heal almost anything –eventually. The question here is whether or not alcohol can contribute to the mending process as so many people believe it does.

Mending a broken heart is one of the toughest things in the world. Although literally a heart isn’t broken, nevertheless, when we are rejected by the person we love, our hearts resemble a mirror falling from a tower. So, can the shattered pieces of it be put together? They can; and although the process causes unbearable pain, one day our hearts will be cured and we will be capable of falling in love again.

But alcohol cannot end the trauma.

Why do so many people feel that alcohol can make the pain disappear, then? Maybe because, for a short period of time, until you are sober again, it gives some false sense of relief. What it actually does is leave you numb; making you believe that the pain is receding. Alcohol, in fact, drives us deeper into our grief – it can make depression hit red.

Sitting at a bar or alone at home emptying one glass after another is not a solution. On the contrary it creates additional problems. It can make us antisocial – even violent. It alienates us from other people. It can even make us lose our friends and our jobs. When we allow ourselves to drink our life away in the pretense of trying to heal the ache in our heart, one day, there will be no life left for us – just empty bottles thrown around.

As is the case with every problem, solutions are found when we manage to come to terms with the harsh reality, and not when we hide from it, as the people who resort to drinking do.

Think why it hurts so much, when you are abandoned by the person you love. It is because, as so many people before you, you have created an entire world where your ex was the sole protagonist. So when the hero or the heroine leaves, the whole plot, which revolved around them, falls apart.

The first step is to make yourself the protagonist of your life and start living again with your own good in mind. Contain your tears and look ahead. And try to get rid of the shame and embarrassment you most likely feel as though it was your fault the other person left you. It’s not your fault. It is probably nobody’s fault. Relationships, like everything else in life have a beginning and an end.

You may claim that logic is for logical people, and those heartbroken are not logical. I agree. But it is a mistake to turn to bad habits –like trying to drink your pain away– because they are going to backfire; quickly. With every passing day you will feel less relieved and you will start looking down on yourself instead of regaining your self esteem which is essential to start your life again.

Alcohol cannot help you move on in life, instead it will bring life to a standstill. Do you really want that?

Author: Konstantinos Vovos

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