There is no bigger truth than that there is just a really fine line separating love from hate. It isn’t the most positive kind of thinking and it isn’t at all easy to accept something like this; that someone who loves you, someone who is supposed to love you, actually hates you. It’s even worse when that someone pretends to love you.

That’s a really twisted situation you don’t want to experience but most of the times you don’t have a choice.  Μost of the times it’s not like you did something wrong –actually it is exactly the opposite. As paradoxical as that sound it is what happens mostly.

But wait a minute; aren’t those who love you supposed to be happy for you when you are doing well in your life? Well, of course. Those that really love you will do that. But don’t forget that most people want to see you doing good as long as you are not doing better than them.

That’s the key, you see. Envy. Jealousy. Why him/her not me? You know it is kind of easy to be happy for your lover, your friend, your brother for their success when you are doing okay as well. But what happens when everything in your life are going great and to your loved one the exact opposite is happening?

Are you sure that they will still be happy for you despite their misfortune? They say misery really loves company. And sometimes it’s like your happiness is only pointing at their misery. And when someone close to you starts to feel this way, then really strange things can happen. The scariest part of it all is if someone you trust, or someone you even love, hates you and has all the power to really hurt you and create real damage in your life.

You may now be thinking “What kind of evil person will do that anyway?”.

“Well, what we call evil is part of human nature.” as Nikolas Schreck said. And human nature can create really unexpected feelings, behaviors or even needs. Of course, I’m not saying that if you realize that someone close to you is trying to sabotage you, it’s okay because, well, that’s human nature. What’s also human nature is to protect yourself from threats and everything that you feel is bad for you.

And that’s what you should do. You should not under any circumstances allow a toxic person like that in your life. If someone was able to have negative feelings for you, or even worse, tried to hurt you, just because they were jealous of you instead of happy for you, they don’t deserve a place in your life –for sure. Even more  if that person that you find out is trying to hurt you is your lover.

The one you should trust. The one that should be standing beside you against the rest of the world. The one you should run to for help when someone else is trying to hurt you. The pain from this kind of emotional backstabbing is indescribable. Something that your mind will most likely try to rationalize. Yes that’s right you may end up blaming yourself.

You’ll think “There must be a reason right? Maybe it was something I did.” or “I shouldn’t be so selfish. I should have considered his/her problems.”. You end up feeling guilty. And that’s the biggest mistake a person like you can possibly make. They will make you question yourself and feel guilty instead of happy every time you succeed in something. Don’t allow that in your life. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life. No one deserves to be next to a person that pretends to love them but they doesn’t. Even if you don’t want to believe it; even if they don’t want you to believe it.

A person who truly loves you will never try to hurt you. They wouldn’t be able to stand the pain. So, before you allow someone into your life you should be sure that the person you’re willing to take a bullet for, isn’t the one holding the gun.

Author: Areti Acheimastou

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