It begins, it happens, it ends.

This is the epitome of all life. You probably remember this lesson at school, when, around the age of six, you watched your teacher, who seemed to you as a weird lady back then, draw a man, a plant and an animal on the board saying “We are born, we grow and we die.” Pretty morbid stuff for a child to grasp. The technicality of life is is something you tend to grasp and accept easier when you are a kid and maybe the things that tugged you back then allowed you to keep a hold on the teachings you have added your own conclusions to.

The truth is we are reborn every now and then, and in that sense, we bloom, wither and perish. However, existing is the journey. It is the one we constantly run away from because life happens each and every one of the 24 hours in a day and we relish in the possibility of conscious awareness. We often tend to believe that the start and finishing line are crystallized due to still being open to to new beginnings and endings and yet, their between fleeting moments when we think we have time on our side capture an instance, a movement, a breath, a drop of sweat, a touch a kiss that will forever live on.

Experiences and mistakes -and the consequences that follow them- rejoice entangled in lessons we subconsiously take to heart and then intend to pass on to our children and so forth. And we cry away the pain in silence, we suffer and wince in the voices that are echoing our mortality and the blessing to experience it even craddled in our fickle flesh. Because if we believe in one single unifying truth that whatever reasoning is out there exists to understand our existence, half the day spent in unassuming thoughts and the rest of it on ways to make sense and rationalise all thoughts, it doesn’t matter nearly as much as understanding what we call life is all but subjective and this is the verity. So, we come to realize that wisdom will be forever ours, if we become clever enough to to cast out arrogance and permit ourselves enough humility to seek our truths. They usually engulf our hearts and that is tha place to look for them.

Look for those truths that stir inside of us, as our soul is elevated in the process of seeking them. In the meanwhile give yourself mercy and forgiveness. Start with forgiving the only person who has never left; you. Along the way you will forgive others too, simply by saving yourself from the trouble of forgiving them. We are born with a prolonded gasp which starts from a poundig heart and ends to a shaking body, we experience life as we live it, and we reach our end when we exhale. And it is in that one moment when we keep it that we wonder if we are capable of holding our breath, then the basis of life will happen in between. We have no ther choice but to go for it to see if it is true.

After all this heart of ours pumps blood for that reason, right?

Author: Pepi Naki

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