The light in young woman hands in cupped shape. Concepts of sharing, giving, offering, taking care, protection

On tonight’s episode you will watch how to fill an empty space on a casual Tuesday night.
Starring yourself, the stranger you will use for the space that requires filling.
The scene is set on a cold Tuesday night as a means of transport to the meaning of emptiness.

Viewers are kindly requested to show understanding to the constant repeatition of the same episode, as the purpose is to keep on playing until realization occurs.

For further information, inquiries or complaints contact the director’s mind which hurries to climax before midnight strikes, so as not to waste any more time to the incompetency to deliver a meaningful message to its wall of writings.

The ones compiling your recurring story. Οccasionally you are not even the protagonist in it. You simply set the scene and let your body take the lead along with the random bodies you meet along your way. You take them home; for dinner sometimes, for weekends or even vacations, until you can no longer use them and they fade away with any chance you had to find what you are looking for in their sweat-drenched sheets when you spend the night, in their fake smiles when you pay the bill, in their voicemail when you arrange your next date, in their inability to take it a step further with you.

Your inability.

We tend to look for enemies outside our doors, in hidden corners, in unfriendly environments, in circumstances we cannot cope with even under our beds, but in fact they lie inside us. It is you against you in this story’s script; a story that has no consecutive narration and still depends on one night stands, and relationships doomed to a finish-line before they even reach the middle of the route. That is the fate of true meaning. Not to reside in substitutes to make itself presentable. Because as a matter of fact it is needless of good looks. It stands alone, at times even without a proper shape, creating a concrete stable space which fills up only with the defeat of your enemy. You are not required to be brave or fearless to make it happen. The meaning of the writing on your one and only, unique space of truth, does not need courageous acts from your side, just to abolish the unecessary ones that you do to stuff it in order to make it hush.

Unfortunately, it will not.

That voice of meaning. It is one of the things that are predisposed, programmed and destined to constitute who we are. So, it never ceases to have a voice of its own in our heads. Usually the most annoying, confident and loud one. The one you know never lies. The one recounting who you are, every day, with every act, with every interaction, with every gesture, with every step – even with every breath.

So, make sure you give your audience something more than the account of your insecurities or your fear of the man in the mirror, to watch tonight. You are your most loyal viewer, your most dedicated follower, so you ought to you to draw a clear cut, enduring writing on the wall of  your life series.

Author: Pepi Naki

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