Life is built around what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste and manage to perceive occasionally through a combination of all these senses. Ιf you are looking at it from a logical, presumable point of view, this is what happens, that is. Perspective has a way of keeping us chained to reality. What is here, what exists near us and is tangible -and what is not- and we often wonder about what we are missing. What we do not see, speak, or hear about. Now there are moments so minimal and so grand on a much bigger scale; one that might exceed us. One bigger scale than the one our bodies are able to express it on.

When we were young, we often dismissed the lessons our loved ones tried to instill in us. Sometimes it seems as though we are all born idealists and maybe it is the reason we hardly pay any mind to the riddled,complicated teachings because we want to stumble into a truth on our own. We are certain at that point that it will bring more meaning to our cause. The times we have heard and memorised the phrase ” actions speak louder than words” and how many time we have encountered it with other ones like ”what we do not do or say matters as the things we actually do”.

But there comes a point in this life, in our lives, in everybody’s life out there, when we begin to see things as they rather than what we hope for them to be. We were all nurtured with images like Hope being the last thing to fly out of Pandora’s box and why it was ever there in the first place. Who thought of putting it in there anyway? Some will say that after all the evil that came out of it, hope was the thing that would guide us to fight against all the maladies.

But let’s be honest about it. It is quite the opposite. Hoping rather than seeing, hearing, listening, tasting what goes on around us, makes us stand still. Leaves motion out of the picture. We just wait for things to come. Wait for things to get better. And we waste so much more this way. We end up wasting our potential; ourselves.

However, there is a way out of this. There always is if you choose to see it. Or if you choose to choose it.

Leave expectations aside and start living. As we grow older if we choose to see that our time lessens and every second is a lifetime sometimes we have no choice but to seize it. Otherwise it seizes us. Which is also an option. But not one of our own. One dictated by the impact the expectation has on us. So, choose to live.

Do not attempt to rationalize or explain it. Just flow with it. Do not try to put in words — not that you could ever put it in words on the trail of those who have tried and are still trying to define. It ends up being magic if you let it breathe.

Fast becomes slow. Soft becomes hard. light becomes dark, And heat becomes the prevailing thing we feel at that point. Warmth like the sun around your body. Like a book or a movie. It is a slow build up until you have reached that point. You have reached the climax and that turning point of your story. Time becomes irrelevant and it begins to shift its course as you beging to shift too.

You find yourself gripping to this truth like the song of a bird released. your body rises and your chest bumps. Right there, between the tips of your fingers touching the flow and the spaces separating you from your previous chains you felt it.

That is what love must be like. Self-love.

Author: Pepi Naki

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