Do you know where you are?

By the end of this question you have probably answered with information about your whereabouts without much thinking, or you probably already wondered the meaning of such a rather unimportant question. In an attempt to repeat the question you sigh impatiently and roll your eyes, sit back and cross your arms with finality. At the same time, your mind subconsciously has grasped the impossibility of actually providing a plausible answer to the question at hand. Despite that, you still refuse to give in to what seems fairly silly in the first place. You chuckle and take it from scratch.

You are here and this is all nonsense. But where is here? What is here anyway? And eventually, you get the point. You cannot answer. And you never will.

There can never be true knowing about where you are.

We are all ignorant of where exactly our place is, even where the whole universe is, and thus, we tend to confuse where we stand with location. In fact, we have no knowledge of where anything is or what anything is or how it came to be. Our ignorance is based on this understanding; its mystery. Life is a mystery. At times, we cling to little pieces of circumstantial hope in order to understand its plans, to predict its course, or just to feel safe on its trail for a while. It is the possibility, the likelihood, of it all that keeps us going.

Only the potential that stars might brightly shine our way through it, and show us where we are before, so they can also show us where to go next, keeps us from being lost. Location after location, premise after premise, encounter after encounter, road after road and we deviate and change constantly like the night sky before we even realize it. Yet, another day goes by and you still do not have all the answers. Where you are, who is with you, where to go, why to go and most of all if there is anywhere to go. Reluctantly, you fall into the trap of frustration thinking that there is nothing there for you. You wish for the ability to seize time rather than a day until this day becomes your day. Bright, luminous, with a warm sun that will match the temperature of your heart and a long-lasting light to show you how to show you where.

You have made plans only to watch them fall through. You plotted. You schemed. You dreamt and wished for a hint to keep you going. For a sign, if you still have the chance. For the light to find you; or follow you, at least. Time keeps on flying and you see that as much as you may track it and lose it, is not always on your side. The bright side is not always there for you. Once you realize the bitter taste, you spat it out and now that you are here, holding onto a dare that time is not always over you, you understand that is not always in sync with you.

So, no proper time, no suitable surroundings, no sign but you are still here. As you wonder where you have no choice but to enjoy and dive into the possibility that if there was any light out there it would have found you already. Part of the fun is that you have to keep going, in the dark, almost blindfolded of a little luminous help. Everything becomes a riddle again and you have to keep going to solve it. This is your journey, this enigma is the path you have to cross, your own path, then letting are the bumps along the way, and your destination is eternal bliss whatever place, shape or form that may be. In a location that was destined for you to reach, where life never fails to remind us it is there.

Author: Pepi Naki

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