If science governs all logic then time is that universal deity -at least according to the countless theories- we enjoy wasting time on. It is easy to engulf in one feeling more than another. Our minds are a complex world filled with things we hardly ever understand. Every so often if we have yet to adapt to this day and age or if we cling to the hurt and the pain it is simply because it is what we have conditioned ourselves to do. It happens subconsiously but, most of the time, we have brought trouble to ourselves — all on our own.

If suffering is the result of our mind’s resistance to change, to embrece the new, to foster the unknown and yield its powers, then time is also the remedy. With time being the cure, despite the complexities and laws that govern change, it becomes redundant. For time is the element that gives it and takes it depending on the gravity of the events unfolding.  Some shake the earth a little while others do not even give you the time to pick up your pieces after the tumbling down. So, we choose to bend because it is these little ticks of time we come back to who we truly are. The here and then. We come and we go. We start and we stop. Our movements within the ticks’ movements.

Among our steps and laughter, between our immobility and fears, we drift in our thoughts and wonder if we would have acknowledged each other a bit more if we had trailed back and counted every second, every minute, every hour; how many days or maybe even years our mistakes would amount to. Yet, if we did acknowledge that it would not attest to the amount of time it takes to relish in the fact that we probably would do it all again. No matter the outcome, the time lost, or the pain suffered.

Unfortunately most of the times, the tough ones, our thoughts only take shape to betray us. We do not realize it until it is too late and they have lingered in our system enough to shape it otherwise. Through this reluctant reconstruction we feel scattered and lonely.

Funny how only then we realize we are never alone. If only we knew from the start. If only we knew taht we all carried this virtuous wonder to be more. To always be more and a little less alone. But, that was the point of it all. To learn. And true long lasting knowledge is only acquired through making and remaking.

The way we are capable of carrying so many thoughts, so many memories, so many experiences and not erupt. Not have our head down but stand on our toes each and every day we have to carry the weight of our worlds and not surrender.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it feels like we might fall apart but we are still whole.
The only thing that ever isn’t, is the thought that we think we are not.

Author: Pepi Naki

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