There’s something about him that makes you try a bit harder, that makes you want to give love another shot. At the same time, there’s something about him that feeds something so dark within you that it’s the only thing that makes you feel alive. Maybe that’s a feeling, a small subconscious message deep deep down inside that tells you to just stay away from. But his darkness is something hauntingly beautiful.

You had each other, though. From the second you both met, from the second you looked into each other’s eyes, you got each other but you knew that this wouldn’t end up in the right way. You lived for those lovely sweet messages, for those amazing nights. He became an addiction; his body, his voice, his eyes. It was the absolute rush of freedom that you felt when you were with him that made everything bad to seem perfectly fine.

As much as you want to convince yourself that this relationship had a future, a potential, you will never stand a chance.
Falling for bad boys is unexpected, hasty, sudden. It’s nothing, and then it’s everything. It’s heart over head, emotions and desires over logic.

It’s a reckless type of falling, that any sane person should definitely avoid. Bad boys will be manipulative, smooth talkers, emotionally immature. And all of that is what will be their appeal.
Is there some psychological explanation for why we fall for those distructive characters? Do we just ignore red flags when they present themselves or do we just like a lot the challenge? The uncertainty? The great passion and the wild nights?

Maybe the theory for us, for women who have the tendency to be attracted to the bad guys, is very simple: we enjoy the chase. We find pleasure in it as if we have conquered something every time that guy lets us in his life a little bit more. There’s something exhilarating about getting in touch with a person who seems unattainable or unreachable.

You could see it in his soul, in his heart that there was something completely strange about him. It was fine though because you thought it will be okay in the end, or you wouldn’t get attached, or that someone else would heal your broken heart afterwards, because it was a situation that you knew too well.

You know that this is temporary even if he promises this will be forever. Those moments you shared, just the two of you, were the amazing moments you wanted, you loved, you will hold deeply inside your mind and heart for a lifetime.

There is more to life within you when you get to spend it with someone who can make you feel alive while at the same time he destroys something deep within you, draining you.

You shouldn’t be surprised when he leaves. No conversation, no reasons, just gone; disappearing completely. It’s the nature of the game. When you play against a bad boy, those are the rules. You play and then, unexpectedly, the game is over. There’s nothing more to deal with; maybe just to try and pick up some of the pieces of your broken heart.

After all, we are all probably meant to be reborn a few times so we can learn how to truly live and how to choose the right people for us. And, just maybe, a bad boy can be an excellent teacher.

Author: Susanna Georgiou

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