After a breakup, all the memories –and only the thought of him– are just heavy on your heart. You’re wondering, why he led you on to this, why you got attached… but now all there is left, is the definite end and inexplicable pain.

But you shouldn’t regret anything. This is what life is, with its ups and downs.

Every memory of him makes you die a little more inside. But to really live means for pieces of you to die first. Being hurt is not the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Not to ever love is far worse. Broken promises lead to broken hearts. But who are you if you haven’t cracked your armor a bit to feel the warmth of love?

You feel like everything is crashing down around you. Two very large tequila shots sound a very good idea. For a few moments, he wasn’t in your mind, but now, he comes flying back again, knocking the breath out of you. You feel like a massive loser. You feel your eyes prickle, and then decide to take another tequila shot. Or maybe whiskey this time? You try to distract yourself. But nothing, he is still there, in your head. “No, I am not going to cry.” You’re trying to convince yourself that you won’t shed another tear for him.

What does ‘heartbroken’ really mean? Well, let me tell you this: it’s one of the worst human emotions; you feel hopeless, ugly, the worst possible human on the face of the earth. You feel empty and emptiness eats at you. Then you’re thinking of texting him… but no, that would be ridiculous; even pathetic.

Your pain is probably replaced by a hot flash of anger and sadness at the same time. Why have you been such a fool? Why believe all the promises he made? The answer is simple though: you needed love. You deserve love, after all. You take another shot of tequila. But come on, pull yourself together. You shouldn’t let him know that you’re crying your eyes out over him.

Then you think, why not? Is it so bad to be honest?

Maybe it’s the tequila talking…

You wish you’d never met him. You wish that all the moments spent together would just go up in flames; disappear completely. You wish you were able to just find a way to burn away all those painful memories, all these regrets, and all your heartache. If only there was a way…and there’s a way.

It’s called “time”. Your heart will take time to completely heal. Every wound takes time to heal. During the break-up, almost everyone thinks they will never feel normal again but eventually our human spirit comes back again. The deeper the emotions, the longer it will take to heal your broken heart but eventually, you will begin to feel alive again.

Don’t fight the healing process and you will be on your way to have that beautiful smile on your face again. Life goes on. No one promised it would be easy.

Some people are time dwellers. You will find yourself overanalyzing every last detail about the lost relationship but you will end up getting confused and coming to the wrong conclusion because you won’t be able to look at the situation in a balanced way. Over-analysis will definitely lead to depression, and let’s face it –that will be a massive waste of time. It ended for a reason, so you just have to let it go.

When a relationship has ended, you have to accept that you will have to go through some pain. If you have loved, it is then unavoidable that you will suffer. When you lose something that you loved, that actually mattered to you, it is normal to feel sad about it: that feeling is an essential part of the healing process.

The problem with heartbreaks is that, sadly, we seem to be reliving our misery over and over again and then the pain becomes a mental habit. This habit can, and should, be broken.

You shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that your amazing ex is the only person you could ever love. There are seven other billion people out there; don’t forget that.

Just a note for those who broke your heart… What goes around, comes around.

A break-up can sometimes be exactly what you needed as it can make you much more grateful for the people who truly care about you and are always by your side; through bad, and good, times. A broken heart can make you realize that you’re very strong and you have enough self-respect and courage to just walk away from the pain and will give you the strength to smile again and give your heart to the people who actually deserve you and your love.

We should always thank the people who didn’t love us and let us go because in this way, they have actually given us the chance to find the love we deserve, the happiness we need; so we could make space for better people who want to stay with us, fight for us and let us do the same for them.

Don’t stop falling in love. Chances are that you might get hurt but there’s still magic out there, there’s still love out there. Don’t lose hope. Fall in love; deeply and intensely.

Author: Susanna Georgiou

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