I have always wondered what happiness really is. It seems like just a word, but it can get more than a million different meanings. It looks like yet another confusing concept, but it begets in us such an insatiable desire to reach it. The more I couldn’t get it, the more I wanted to run after it.

And then, I woke up next to you this morning. I felt your arms around me and smelled your cologne all over me. It was just one of those typical mornings with you. Nothing special. But, when I looked at your sweet, calm face, sleeping next to me, this single word unexpectedly crossed my mind.

Happiness. Just happiness. Yes, a single word, but so much more indeed.

And it’s actually so funny because I used to be one of those people, who would ask for too much in order to be happy. I have been pursuing utopias and chimeras for all my life before meeting you. And for a while after that to be completely honest. But, I can finally quit since there is no need for that now. Not anymore.

For now, my love, I know that it doesn’t really matter if I will ever get anything that I have wished for in the past. It doesn’t, because I got you.  And more importantly because, I have just realized that in the end of the day all I have ever wanted was you. It must be because, only you have this unique, magic power to make me happy like nothing and no one else can. So, all I want to be happy, is you. And I only find real happiness in those little things and moments that I share with you.

To wake up and see you sleeping quietly by my side. To feel your touch on my body every day. To spend the weekends in your arms, laughing and making love with you. Then, pillow-fight with you like a little child, jumping on the bed and making funny faces. To find you waiting for me patiently when I get home from work. To feel you kiss my eyes gently, when I fall asleep on the couch. This is happiness for me. You are my happiness.

I find happiness in all the things that we feel for each other. To love each other more with every day that passes. And more than our own selves actually. To take care of each other always no matter how many years we have spent together. To know that you will forever be here for me. I am sure. This has to be what I have always been chasing after. This is true happiness.

Because for me, happiness has your name. It looks at me through your astonishing blue eyes and it smiles at me through your charming smile. I can taste it in your sweet kiss. I don’t need anything else to be thankful for since I have you. You ‘re the piece of happiness that was allotted to me. And I can’t help but feeling blessed for that.

Finally, I can rest, my angel. I have stopped chasing rainbows. I won’t reach for the stars anymore. I have you. You will be the rainbow that beautifies my day after all the heavy rains of my life, you will be the star that lights up my mood after any dark moment. Is there anything more to ask for? No, not a single thing. You see, you ‘re my share of happiness.  And you ‘re more than enough.

At last! I can tell what happiness is. Happiness is you.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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