You left. I moved on. And it was over for us.

Thank God, it wasn’t so hard to forget you after all. No need to worry. I am okay on my own anyway. I feel stronger and happier now. I can finally be myself. And it is so good that I don’t intend to change that for anyone. At least for now. And especially if that anyone is you. You had your chance with me honey and you blew it. But, it doesn’t matter these days since, as I have already said, I am absolutely fine with that.

I am a little worried about you lately, though. You see, you may look strong and tough on the surface. But I can see under that disguise of yours. Right to your core. You may play it cool. And you may fool the rest of the people around you. But, I know better than that. I know you pretty well actually. So, I am sure that deep inside you, you have already regretted leaving me. You are already so sorry for the goodbye you said to me.

I can tell by the way you look at me when we meet by chance. It is obvious from the awkwardness you have when you must talk to me face to face. Something is troubling you. And I know exactly what this is. It is me standing indifferently in front of you. Not having me anymore hurts you. My not loving you anymore kills you. But, then again you are too proud to admit it.

Remember? “Your empty arms will long for me”, I told you the day we broke up. And you laughed. I do remember that very well. The harsh sound of this laughter that filled the air around me. But, we both knew it was all fake. You see, I have learnt, years before, that you always laugh in order to hide your fear. And although you wanted to convince me of the opposite, you were afraid that day. Because, you knew that I may have been right. You knew that it was highly possible that you would miss me sooner or later.

Time has passed since that day. You have done your things; the ones you accused me of preventing you from doing. Unfortunately, they didn’t give you the pleasure you expected. You have tried other relationships and had new experiences too. Sadly, it seems that nothing has worked out for you.

In the meantime, I didn’t waste myself on meaningless affairs. I have been waiting for the right time. Not because, I was still obsessed with you or anything like that. It was just that I have been feeling kind of empty hearted until recently.

This is something that happens to you when the one you love leaves you, I guess. You end up with an empty heart. Luckily, that was a blessing for me in the end. Because, empty hearts do not feel pain while a heart full of feelings combined with a pair of empty arms actually does. But, you already know that, don’t you? Besides, this is exactly what has happened to us love. After your farewell, I may have ended up with an empty heart, but you have ended up with your arms empty. And these arms ask for the touch of my body now. They keep on searching for me.

So bad that it is too late. Well, I am really sorry babe that it has come to this. Or aren’t I?

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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