Hearts are marvelous things, you know. They are the core of human existence that not only give people life but also define how they should live it. Because the truth is that hearts are far more than the beating pulse in our chests. They are our guides to many important decisions and steps that must be taken along the way. They are the ones that contradict and fight our minds, thus making us kind to the weaker but more human at the same time.

So, as I was saying, they are marvelous things.

But hearts are untamable too. They are undisciplined, wandering and free. And above all, they are adventurous.  So, they travel from feeling to feeling, from person to person, from one emotional adventure to the next. They seem to be on a constant journey towards their final destination — if something like that exists anyway, and if they are supposed to find it, for that matter.

When I first fell in love, I discovered that my heart was a true wanderer by nature. It felt as if it was leaving my body all the time to follow the one that it was beating for. Its journey begun at that exact moment with really good omens. Thrilled, with lots of passion and that good sort of craziness. And it was indeed a magic journey full of emotion. Especially so full of love; much more than I could ever imagine.

Since that very first feeling, my heart has been courageously setting sail continuously to new experiences no matter if they were good or bad, happy or sad, delightful or painful. In the course of time, it flew so many times from interest to indifference, from excitement to disappointment, from longing to boredom, from happiness to pain and, of course, from love to something that was far from love. Its journey has been going on and on, looking mostly like a crazy roller coaster ride, with its many ups and its downs and its twists and turns. It flew from my first love to another and yet another one.

Every single time, my heart made new dreams, while it was endlessly seeking true love, real happiness, safety and a happy ending. While it moved each time one step closer to where it should be and where it would stay. And in the unlikely case of being hurt in the meantime, it hasn’t once given up. Because hearts are insatiable dreamers as well. And I guess this is what motivates them and keeps the journey going on after all.

It was through all those experiences that my heart has actually grown up, evolved and made peace with my mind. Until it was finally ready to stick somewhere, tired from wandering around all this time. Until it eventually found the last stop of its journey.

In order to enjoy beautiful, real and deeper feelings.
To stop travelling, but continue being marvelous.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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