By the time I was twenty-five, I thought that I have lived it all.

I believed that I had met love in every possible shape and form.

And of course, I was pretty sure that I knew what it was like to love with all my heart.

Then, just a breath before my thirties, a true miracle happened. My worldview and everything I had known until then, completely changed — in just a second. The exact moment I first laid eyes on the cutest little thing, crying its way into a whole new world and claiming a permanent and eternal position in my arms and heart.

This magic moment has changed me completely, since no experience in a woman’s lifetime can be compared to the time she becomes a mother. No other feeling can match a mother’s selflessness, her never-ending love, one that knows now limits or boundaries, for her child. Other people might think that, we, mothers exaggerate when we say that our children are actual pieces of our bodies and souls, making their own steps and walking their own paths in this life. But, I guess this is how we truly feel. And for me this concludes it all.

This is my truth. Because I am a mother now and I understand what that takes. That it means I have more than one lives to live. That I have more than one person to take care of.  And that this is what mothers around the globe do. They have to tend to both themselves and their children, at least until the latter are ready enough to become independent and fly exclusively with their own wings.

All these pictures of the future that is yet to come, run in front of your excited eyes the first time you hold your baby, your small, precious and fragile creation. And from that moment on you know that there will always be someone on this planet that you will love above all and with everything you have. And right then, you start fighting to become a better version of you. To win their love and be worthy of it.

And though you won’t be always pleased with yourself, though you will make countless mistakes and doubt yourself again and again, you will always find the strength and courage to try something new and make it through whatever difficulty.

Because children have the power to unintentionally transmit their hopes, optimism, energy and all their passion for life to adults around them. And as their mother you are the lucky one to collect all this beauty from their young souls and invest it in becoming the person they will admire and look up to as they will be growing up. And this is the way you can become the one they will be proud to take after.

So, when you become a mother something magical really happens. You change inside to become the strongest version of you. Because a mother’s strength comes straight from her children. She is stronger for them, because of them.

And it all starts the magic moment you become a mother.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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