When you first meet someone special, a lot of magic processes take place and many different feelings gradually succeed one another inside you. In the beginning, there is mere attraction and a kind of rush, that soon give their place to excitement and longing. Then comes strong passion and lust and eventually, before you really know it, love comes knocking on your door. It is then that the difficult part begins. Because, the “I love you” you want to say no longer lets you be at peace. These three little –but so powerful and meaningful– words start wandering around in your mind every time you think of them or whenever you look at their adorable eyes. They burn your lips and you have the urge to let them out.

But, it never is that simple.

So, you can’t help but wonder. Are you really ready to share your feelings with your sweetheart? Should you say these words out loud right now or is it too soon? Does your lover feel the same way or will they be annoyed, shocked or even intimidated by your love confession? And most importantly since you hesitate so much to express it, is this love after all?

Well, let’s see. We have all been there at some point. And we have found a way to overcome it.  So, I guess that there must be some answer to those questions.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are rules when it comes to feelings. Because, there aren’t.  And there isn’t any kind of precise schedule to follow. And surely, there are no certain instructions and magic recipes. When it comes to relationships each one should be treated as different and unique.

Then again, there is no need to worry since there are some signs that it is a good time to say “I love you”. So, to begin with, is it real? It is more than possible that the racing heart of yours is in real love when you think of a common future with your crush, you want to be around them all the time, you see them as perfect and unique, you care about their opinion and you are willing and ready to do anything for them in order to make them really happy.

And are they ready to listen to your love confession? If they try to show their love to you in every instance, although they haven’t said it yet, if they listen to anything you have to say and it matters to them, if they share their thoughts and dreams with you and finally if they look happy at all times when they are around you, then they probably love you back.

Of course, I know that you can never be sure. But, love is all about taking risks, overcoming ourselves and leaving our egos behind. After all, think about it like this. If it fills your heart and mind, then it is real. If it comes to your lips effortlessly, then you should go ahead.  Say the “I love you” that you hold in your heart, shout it if you must, sing it or write it on a wall. But, find a way to share it anyhow. Because, in an era of selfishness, introversion, fear and hatred, love is the only thing that can save us. If you feel it do not be afraid. Remember that people scared of showing emotions are unhappy deep inside. And just say it.

If your love doesn’t feel ready to express it yet, give them time. They will be grateful for your feelings and it will be only a matter of time for them to feel the same way for you. You should just wait for their emotions to evolve like yours did. And also consider that they might already love you too — and feel just as afraid as you to express it. Then, this first step that you will take, will help them find the courage to open up to you as well.

Lastly, in the unfortunate event of their annoyance or their not appreciating it at all, you still have nothing to lose. That is a sign that maybe they do not love you; oe even that they may never. And it is good for you to know before it becomes harder to let go of them.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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