Ah, young lovers.

You can find them sitting on the corner bench in the park or walking hand in hand across the whole city. Even when it is freezing cold outside, they do not seem to care. They are cuddled together so they keep each other warm. Every time he looks into her eyes, his whole face smiles. She always smiles back at him. In those exact moments they spend together, they shut everything else out. It feels like they are all alone on the planet. Their hearts beating together are the only sound they hear. Each other’s face is the only thing they see.

Since their first hug or sweet kiss, they simply belong to each other. They love each other without conditions or second thoughts. Innocently and sincerely.

How long will it last? They do not bother to think about that. As far as they are concerned it will last forever. Because, this is all that matters to them at that moment. They. Together. Forever.

They spend their days thinking about each other. He misses her every moment that they spend apart. Her books are full of poems, lyrics and sketches about him. Their cellphones are loaded with love messages and pictures of one another. His cute face wanders around in her mind all day long. And his heart is overwhelmed with all that sweet love ecstasy and the beautiful young excitement and passion. Their love is their power. It finally becomes the reason the world around them seems so beautiful every day. They long for each other and this anticipation only makes their feelings stronger.

When they meet all their worries magically disappear. They are lovers, but they are also friends. They make each other laugh to tears. They share their thoughts and their hopes. They make dreams and future plans together. They comfort each other. He is glad that she is taking care of him. She is happy that she can be herself around him. Because he likes her anyway. Even with no makeup on, in her jumpsuit with her frizzy hair popping out of her ponytail. She loves him anyway too. Even with the red spots that appear every now and then on his cheeks. Even with his eyes swollen from that cold he has caught.

They may not eat at expensive restaurants, but they share their sandwiches or a chocolate feeding each other and playing around. His gifts to her might not be pricey, but they come straight from his heart. And he always tries hard to get her something that she really likes. The meals she cooks for him might not be perfect, but she gives her best to include all his favorite ingredients so he gladly gives them a try.

Their love is so beautiful and pure, because young lovers are not afraid of their feelings. They are not frightened of the thought of giving love, or being loved in return. Their hearts are innocent, open and clear as the sky on a sunny day. They do not suffer from wounds that bad experiences have left on them.  And they haven’t yet been betrayed by their loved ones. So, they do not hold anything back. They give to each other whatever they have. With all their heart.

Then, even if it ends sometime (and in most of the cases it actually does) they still know that it was true. They are sure it was worth it. And when the pain from their hearts completely disappear, remembering it brings sweet nostalgia to them. Because, puppy love is one of the most wonderful and genuine experiences of our lifetime. Isn’t it?

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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