It’s spring time and love, undeniably, is in the air.

You can see, smell and feel it everywhere.  It seems that Cupid has gotten really busy lately spreading love all around, so it’s almost impossible to prevent all of his arrows from reaching your heart too. Well, it seems that spring is the best season to fall in love anyway. Even scientists would agree with that. But is it pure science or something else that can explain this spring love tsunami?

Well, since I was not a scientist last time I checked, I am going to explain it the way I see it. Every spring, when the first sunny and warm days appear, hearts begin to beat faster. I can’t tell if it is the sun that makes our days brighter or the bees buzzing and the birds singing that awaken our romantic instincts. I don’t really know if it is the flowers and the trees that blossom and fill our lives with colors or the hope that blooms in our hearts of better days to come, of holding the power to change things, erasing all wrong and restarting. I just know that when spring kicks out our winter blues, we finally feel ready to become passionate again — with practically everything. Ready to fall in love with anything from nature, ourselves and life itself, to clothes and accessories, books, songs and movies and of course other people around us.

So every year, in the beginning of this wonderful season, the winter slowly goes away and it is our chance to let it take every bad thought, feeling and (not so) forgotten wound with it. We are then free to fill our lungs with breaths of fresh air and let our very souls feel renewed and reborn, open to new challenges and experiences. It is the time to make a fresh start with love or dig all those beautiful feelings out and fall in love with something sweetly familiar all over again. Spring is the season to fall, or re-fall in love, in other words.

In any case, all things going on at this time of the year, contribute and conspire to that. The clothes that we wear gradually become lighter, making our appearance sexier and more welcoming. Thus, we look and feel more attractive and lovable. Then, the warm weather invites us to get out more, meet new people, engage in outdoor activities and stay away from our places until the sun goes down. Besides, we also feel more energetic, optimistic and euphoric under the spring sun and the blue sky to start new things and make them last forever.  A new romantic relationship with someone, for example.

Well, it is spring outside. If you are single, forget that long lost love of yours, that ex that is playing with your feelings or that cutie that put you in your friendzone. Find someone new and love them madly as spring commands. If you are in a relationship that deserves holding on to it, let behind all those bad moments, arguments and dark, wintery moments and fall in love again. Breathe, live and love deeply. Let the spring enter your heart as well.

Make sure to let spring in.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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