Oh, no. Not again. Damn these butterflies in my stomach.

They have come back. Actually, they won’t leave me alone lately — especially whenever I get to talk you. What is happening to me? Heavens, I wish I knew. I can’t understand why it seems that impossible to find a single appropriate thing to say to you. I just stutter some nonsense every time and I can’t stop smiling like an idiot, no matter what you say to me. I begin to wonder. Is there something wrong with me after all?

And then, there come those goosebumps too that torture me every time I see you coming my way. It is really annoying, you know. Why do you have to make it so difficult for me to concentrate on anything else when you are around? I am simply lost when your two beautiful eyes look at me. Oh, my God! Did I just say beautiful? Well, something is definitely wrong with me these days. It feels like some kind of strange fever is taking over my body. And it is burning me inside. And I still wonder. Am I going mad or something?

Or could that possibly be…love? If yes, then love seems to be a sort of sweet illness with a whole bunch of symptoms coming with it. Butterflies and goosebumps are only the beginning. Then, there is my heart that is racing in my chest. It has, in fact, started beating faster since I saw you the other day. And then, there is also the fact that I cannot stop thinking of your bright eyes and wonderful smile from that day on. Sometimes I don’t want to eat anything. Other times I can’t sleep at all. But even if I don’t get any rest, I never get tired.  I feel a strong rush and a burst of energy overwhelming me. And since I don’t get any sleep to see you in my dreams, I never get bored of daydreaming of you. You see, there is only one unique cure for my illness. It is you. An unlimited number of doses of you, to be more accurate. This must be why I feel the need to be around you all the time, the reason why you have been pulling me like a magnet these last weeks.

It is just so crazy. I have been bumping into you for years before but I have never noticed how cute you look. Not until now. So, I think it’s true. I am really falling for you. And because of you I feel the magical touch of first love.

It might make me feel awkward and out of my element, but it has a sweet taste. So, I know now that I should not be afraid or ashamed of my feelings. Nor should I curse all these marvelous things that happen to me. This is the true beauty of first love, I guess. That it is a breathtaking journey to the unknown, without return.

And I am ready to embrace it and live it all the way.

So, welcome love. And may you never leave.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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