When I first met you, I inevitably loved everything about you. Who wouldn’t anyway? You were so smart and sexy and mysterious. You were standing there with your handsome face -that I couldn’t take my eyes off of- turned towards mine and your tight body almost inviting me to feel it. The thing, though, that made me absolutely crazy for you, right from the start, was your playful attitude. So, you had me just as you said your first playful hello. You bedazzled me. Then again, isn’t that what always happens in the beginning of a relationship?

That night, you piqued my interest with all those smart lines and erotic innuendo of yours. Sharp and witty from the first moment, you didn’t even ask me out as any normal person would do, but wearing your best smile, you invited me to play a game with you instead.

“Do you like games? Let’s play one together”, your deep voice commanded. And I simply loved your approach. You seemed so unique and different from the others. You seduced my mind effortlessly and I really wanted to play with you. I was actually dying to be a part of this promising and exciting game. I think I had fallen for you that exact moment.

We have been playing the game of love and lust ever since. And you were so damn good at it. You have been challenging my mind with every chance. Playing with it I would say, but in a good way. It has been intriguing to get to know you better. To discover more about you. To uncover all your secret aspects. And each time I thought I had you all figured out, you surprised me again with a new side of you. There was always more in you for me to unveil. And that drove me out of my mind. It was all that I could think about. You used to keep me excited, on the edge, at all times. And I loved that; it would be a lie to say I didn’t.

That is why I’ve never become bored of our little game; never bored of you. But, I guess you did. So, you decided to leave. It hurt like hell, but I had to respect your choice. I had to let you go. But, you didn’t stay away. You kept on coming back to me only to leave again after a while for the past months. I guess that you did that because you just wanted to keep on playing.

That’s probably why you are standing like this before me once again. And there is not even a little bit of mystery around you tonight. I can read your mind like an open book. You are here and somewhere else at the same time. And you can’t seem to decide. You don’t know whether you should stay this time or just leave again. Well, let me help you here. Let me free you of your dilemma. You shouldn’t stay, baby. Or, to be more precise, you can’t stay. Not anymore.

You see, I know you like games. You made it clear from the very beginning. And I have proven to you that I do too. But, let me tell you something. There are certain things that you should never play with. I thought you knew that. I wish you were wiser than this. And I wish you would go away right now. Because, I cannot let you play with my feelings. Our game has gone really bad, so I choose to end it here. I am sorry but I can’t let you play with my heart.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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