Dear sister,

I remember how people have always been telling us that we were supposed to be best friends. Though we didn’t get it back then, the truth is we have always been far more than that.  And I am thrilled that it has finally occurred to me and I can pass it on to you. At last, I know that from day one till now, we have actually been pieces of the same puzzle. A puzzle that is incomplete if any of its pieces is missing. Incomplete without you or me.

You see, the day when you came into our lives, was also the day when our parents gave me the most precious gift of all. The sister that I had always wanted, my partner in sweet childhood craziness and my fellow traveler in the journey of life. I was just a little girl at the time, but I have to tell you that I didn’t feel the smallest pinch of jealousy. It was pride that felt my little heart. I was so proud of my super cute baby sister.

Since then, the bond that links me to you has grown stronger. After all, we have shared so many things throughout the years. From the old toys and clothes you have been complaining about to tons of laughter, tears and all those secrets of ours we were keeping from our parents and the rest of the world. We have shared so many touching memories. And believe me, for me it has been a pure delight to share them with you.

I have also enjoyed teaching you things over the years and watch you succeed in doing them as your proud big sister. And when you needed me the most, I have gladly given my advice and consolation to you. It was never hard for me anyway you know, since I could effortlessly feel your heartbeat every single time because of the heart-to heart connection we have.

I am really so thankful, my little one, for your existence in my life. For despite being the youngest, you have always been the strong one. You have been there for me all the way, even when everything else was falling apart, acting like my counterweight. You have protected me countless times with your dynamic personality -so unbelievably opposite to mine and made me see things with a brighter and more optimistic outlook. You have believed in me like no one else had and have given me small or bigger pushes towards fulfilling my potential whenever it had been essential.

Of course, it wasn’t all roses. We had our bad moments too. We had a whole bunch of fights and disagreements.  You have driven me crazy so many times and so many others I have, intentionally or not, made you cry. It is natural you will say laughing, because we are different, you and I. But, you know, I think that in fact we are only different sides of the same coin.

And that is why, my sissy, fights and cruel words cannot get between us. In the end, you always forgive me and I do too. Not many words are needed. Just a smile and a hug will do. It will warm our hearts and erase any bad memory.

And even now that distance has separated us for a long while, I want you to know that I am still there, taking every step with you. Do not forget that I will always be ready to get by your side whenever you need me. Even now that you have grown to be a successful and independent woman. Always and forever. Because, you have always been the piece that makes me whole. And- I guess- I am that piece for you too.

Love you so much!


Your big sister,


Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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