It’s no secret that I am crazy about you.

Or more accurately that I am crazy about everything that has to do with you. I am sure you know that since I first saw you, I have fallen deeply in love with the way you look, your perfectly shaped face and your tight, strong body. You must also know that even now, after all this time, the way you kiss and touch me still drives me crazy. And that I absolutely love the way that you make me lose my breath when you look at me with those seductive eyes of yours.

But, what you might not know yet, is that the thing I mostly love about you is that besides being my lover, you are also the best friend I could ever ask for. I simply adore the way you always stand by me. How you make me laugh in my darkest days and how safe I feel by your side no matter what ugliness comes my way. How strong and confident you make me feel whatever difficulty I have to face. How much you trust me and believe in my ability to fulfill my potential in any case.

That’s probably why I never hesitate to talk to you about anything that concerns me. I am so glad that you are always there to listen to my thoughts (even the craziest ones), to analyze possible moves (for whole hours) and to advise me. And your advices are the best every time, because you are always honest and true to me. And even when things do not turn out the way we planned and expected, it is so comforting to know that you are never bored of making new plans with me and dreaming of better days in my arms. It is so good to know that despite our different views of life, we are always on the same team. The one that overcomes all challenges. The winning one.

I want you to know that it makes me so happy that I never have to pretend when I am with you. That I can express my true heart and be the real me. Since I am sure that you will never laugh at me, criticize me or like me less. I know that you will accept me just the way I am, with all my flaws and weaknesses and that you may even find them cute.

And freed from any pretenses and all of my worries, I always have so much fun with you. Whenever we are together, wherever we go and whatever we do we share beautiful moments. Because you know all my heart’s desires. Because you know the things that I would enjoy and just because I mostly enjoy being around you.

For all these reasons and about a million others as well, I feel lucky that you are my lover, but I also am more than thankful that you are my true friend at the same time. Above all, I am certain that this way I have a better chance of keeping and appreciating the blessing of having you in my life for much longer.

And who knows? Even forever.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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