Ever since I can remember, I have always considered love a moving force of some kind.

I used to picture it as a magic power that hides in all people’s hearts and gives meaning to our lives. And I guess I have always been in love too. Since always and forever. Because love is something underlying, eternally, in every living soul in this cruel world of ours. If you look closely enough you can find the will to love even in the most tough-looking ones.

Love is actually born in each one of us the exact moment we come into this world fighting and screaming. It isn’t created out of nothing, though. Instead, it passes on from two people in love, to their children; their little miracles. After all, most of us are creatures made of love, destined to love and be loved.  And we actually fall in and out of love with many people and things; from our very first breath until the last one.

Have you ever considered how much in love we are as newborn babies with life itself? Just a while after that our mothers become the center of our universe. Later, we share pieces of our hearts with our families, friends, songs or movies we really like, or even those jeans we finally manage to buy after lots of savings.

You see, all the love inside us can be channeled to many different receivers and it can fly from one little thing to another.

Eventually, when love comes into your life in the shape of romance and erotic passion, the game changes. The man looking back at you with his bright eyes, stroking every corner of your face and body with his gaze, triggers a powerful feeling inside you that you never knew that existed. You just adore him and it feels like all the pieces of love in your heart, once scattered towards different directions, are gathered together in order to travel towards his heart; and conquer it.

It is not that you have suddenly forsaken the rest of your loved ones. It is simply because the subtle and harmless love you have been feeling until that moment has transformed into something uncontrollable and overpowering that overwhelms you.

It is because you are experiencing love at its highest form. So, you want to dedicate yourself to making it happen. You are ready to give your heart to him.

But what happens if this romance does not work or when this forceful emotion stops being mutual?

Well, then love transforms again. This time brutally. And it becomes something extremely different. As you look in his eyes for the last time, you feel your insides burning. The flame quickly turns into fire. For some time it might be only pure pain that you feel, and then fear, depression, anger, and even hatred, occupy your wounded heart in turns.

And you know. You can tell that it is the love you have once felt for him that is transforming in you. Until it reshapes and finds a new recipient. Or until it changes back into love for him again. Back to the beginning once more.

Love, you see, is a form of energy and it definitely cannot be lost into thin air. Contrary to what some may think, it does transform and it does move perpetually. Sometimes it may lose part of its strength in the process, but be sure that it can never be completely destroyed or worn out.

Because love is our driving force. Whether it leads our steps forward, or back to where we have started, it always stays with us in some form and makes our lives worth living.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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