Baby, no one said that love is easy.

And unfortunately, there is no contract you can sign in the beginning of a relationship to ensure that you won’t get hurt. It is highly possible that you will sooner or later find yourself in the middle of a battlefield, fighting in the name of love. So, it is almost inevitable to get wounded and feel its bittersweet pain at some point. Actually, the greater the love you feel, the deeper the wounds you will suffer from. After all, love is like jumping into the void without a parachute on, they say. It makes you feel invulnerable and invincible, while you indeed become weaker and reckless. So, I guess it is natural to be scared of the power that love has on you. How much it takes to be in love with someone.

And, God, I know I am not the easiest person to love and satisfy. Born incurably romantic, I have been dreaming of my Prince Charming since forever and I tend to compare every man that tries to reach my heart to his infallible image. Although I say that I don’t need you to be perfect, I am secretly disappointed by some things you do or don’t do and I often demand more than you can give. There are days that I am so stubborn and egoistic that it looks as if I only care about myself. Then again, other days come when I just hate everything about me and I wonder if there is a single thing that can make you love me. Some days I am all happy and optimistic, giving you all my attention and affection and other days I seem absorbed by difficulties and setbacks, gloomy, or more accurately, in the verge of depression. I know that I make it hard for you.

But, please don’t stop trying. Don’t give up on me. Because, all the days of my life, good or bad) since I have met you have only one thing in common. This is my love for you. Because, every single day I really love you with all my heart. Even when we fight and then we don’t talk to each other for a while. Mostly then. Because, it gives me a taste of what life would be like without you. Even when I don’t love my own self, I love you. Mostly then.  Because, it gives me courage that you always find some beauty in me, something to like and admire.

Dare to live this with me.

Because love, is the most beautiful rose, despite of its thorns. And the way I see it, our world must run on love. So, let us set an example. Let us make a difference in a world full of introverts; selfish people that lose the chance of finding true love and happiness, because of being so afraid of getting hurt. Please don’t back down to the voice of logic in your head that tells you to run away from me.

Listen to your heartbeat in your chest. Let go and let me show that this adventure with me is really worth it.

Love me if you dare.

I know that you are the only one who can and knows how to.

And I know I do.
I dare to love you now and forever!

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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