7.00 am. The alarm clock goes off like crazy.

I get up and poke you a little bit. You don’t move. I look at your calm face for a few seconds. It has been a long while since I last noticed how cute you are when you are sleeping. So, I am really sorry to wake you up, my love, but you see we must hurry. Again. We should get ready quickly and hit the streets because it is just another typical day of our lives. In about an hour or so, we will be in our cars, heading to work, chewing, our healthy, dietary, and absolutely bland breakfast without an appetite and wondering if we even said “good morning” to each other this morning.

I guess this is our life now. With our daily routines being so full of things to do, every single day seems to us like a race against the clock. And each day, we follow our tight schedules obediently and mechanically, wasting our energy and forgetting to live in the meantime.

But you know, I feel somewhat different today. It might be due to the bright sunshine that strokes my face coming through the windows or your beautiful face asleep, which makes me smile and suddenly I find myself daydreaming. I remember being a teenager.  Beautiful memories fill my head. And I really wish I could live my life like this just for a day again. To spend a single day with you like a teenager.  I wish I could be late for work today, just to talk to you and steal a kiss from you. Or even better I wish I could skip it completely, playing sick like a naughty little child, to spend the whole day with you.

I can picture it in my mind.  I would just wear my favorite jeans, a stamped T-shirt and my dirty sneakers, without worrying about my hair and make-up at all.  I would spend all the change in my pockets to buy hot chocolate croissants and milkshakes and share them with you under that big, old tree at the park next to our place that we have never found time to visit. I would hug and kiss you in public without feeling ashamed. Then, you would hold me up in the air and swirl me until we would both fall down feeling dizzy with happiness. We wouldn’t mind our phones ringing, people staring or the slight chill in the air.  We would laugh our hearts out after a long time — and God I have missed your laugh so much!

We would talk for hours about stupid, trivial things like our favorite soccer team, new movies, and old classic songs. We would think of our future in each other’s arms, painting it with the most beautiful colors. And then, we would make bright dreams again and hatch plans together to fulfill them. A handmade sandwich would be a proper meal for us. No fancy restaurants and no diet for us tοday. In the afternoon, we would walk the busy streets of our town hand-in-hand, eating ice cream, and meet friends for a coffee out.

We would chitchat about almost everything but wouldn’t mention anything about work, money, or politics. Nothing about obligations and difficulties either. And in the late evening, when the spring sky would fill with stars we would lie down on a bench just to look at them. We wouldn’t talk and we wouldn’t mind getting dirty. We would just enjoy the moment before heading back home, our grown-up life, and reality.

So, are you in for a bit of mischief, baby? Are you ready to do something out of the ordinary today? Come on. Let’s love each other like teenagers for once. Let’s live like teens just for today. Please, turn off the alarm, and let’s just live today.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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