If you ever wonder if we belong together and if we will make it through whatever life brings us in the future, just make sure that you always remember to:

  • Open your heart to me.

Because, I want to read it, to understand each one of its beats, to feel the real you. I know that somewhere in there I am destined to find the key of happiness. And I don’t want to miss one second, I want to have you and be with you from this moment to forever. You see, since I have met you I feel complete only by your side.

  • See how beautiful we look together.

Because, when I stand next to you, we completely transform. It almost seems like we both leave our individual forms and take the shape of love to match each other perfectly. To become a pair made in heaven. And though we are only human and were born on earth like everyone else, when united, we can compete the glow of all the stars in the sky.

  • Listen to my silence in the dark,

when talking is not necessary at all. Touch me, feel me, taste me and let us become one without a single word. I want to live it all with you again and again. Because you are my heaven on earth.  And when hell comes our way and our days become dark, just hold me.

  • Open your wings and let me hide in there,

when I want some peace for just a second. You can only give that to me. And soon, I will be ready to celebrate love with you again and live all of my dreams next to you right from the start.

  • Make me laugh every day.

And laugh with me all along. Because, you only know how to do it. You can only bring my laughter out to the sunlight and send all the darkness in me away.

  • Look deep into my soul.

Because, you must see. You must know how I have been looking for you for all my life. And that is exactly why I am determined not to let anything bad happen to you. That is why I will always be there for you and you can always count on me.

  • Listen to my heart beating.

Because, even when everything else does, hearts do not lie. They never lie, so, all the true answers you are looking for will probably lie there. In this crazy heartbeat in my chest whenever you get close to me.

  • Kiss me and hold me tight.

Because everything else disappears and time stops when I am in your arms. What else do we need? This is pure magic that we create together. So please…

  • Just love me.

When you agree with me, but mostly when you don’t. When I am at my best, but mostly when I am at my worst. At any case. As I do.

As I will always do.

And that’s how I know I belong with you.

So, tell me do you?

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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