I got up from bed in the middle of the night and wiped the torrent of tears from my eyes. I stood in front of the mirror and almost screamed at the pathetic image looking back at me: “Stop being such a stupid hopeless romantic, damn you”. You see it wasn’t the first time that I let myself get hurt. Nor would it be the last. It seemed that that was something I had to live with for the rest of my life.

The blame, once more, was on this deeply romantic soul of mine.

Back then, I thought it was a curse. During the long winter nights I have spent awake, crying over lost loves and utopian dreams, I had wished I was nothing like that. During the endless hours, I waited over the phone for a special call from a beloved, intimate voice I had abnegated and cursed my dreamy, enamored heart.

It was because all hopeless romantic people –myself included– end up with their hearts broken too easily; and too often. These people believe in love with every living cell in their bodies. For them, it is certain that even under the toughest circumstances, true love will find its way and conquer all the rest. So, they patiently wait and search for prince or princess charming their whole lives and get hurt again and again in the way.

They are suckers for romantic stories and movies and have playlists full of weepy songs. They usually get carried away with silver screen romance and become convinced that a fairy tale will eventually come their way as well. They cannot get enough of it all and desperately look for anything involving romance in their daily routines.

One little romantic gesture from their loved ones can put a smile on their face. But, since hopeless romantics are born givers, and tend to invest a lot in their relationships, they constantly expect more from the people they love, equality in action at least, so they more than often get disappointed when reality hits them.

Did any of the above ring a bell? If yes, there is a chance that you are also a deeply romantic soul. Well, if you cry during romantic movies, if you just fall in love with erotic songs, if you have been dreaming of eternal love since your childhood then – congratulations! – you are officially a hopeless romantic.

But, consider it a blessing rather than a curse.

I have grown to learn how beautiful being a real romance lover is. A fragile, romantic heart simply needs to find its soulmate to show all the affection it is loaded with. It should not be wasted on people and things that do not deserve its attention. Because the sure thing is that a hopeless romantic person loves with everything they’ve got.

Thus, they fully comprehend that the true meaning of life is to love, to share, to live. They devotedly engage in their relationships, truly tend to their sweethearts and they do so in order to achieve happiness at Mr. or Ms. Perfect’s side.

Besides, as I see it there is nothing wrong with a little bit of daydreaming and fairytale believing. I know that most of the time it certainly makes my days more beautiful and real-life more bearable. As long as you do not let your expectations and beliefs constantly lead you to frustration, it is actually a good thing to be a hopeless romantic.

So this goes to all of the hopeless romantic souls out there. Please do not forget. The cynical world in which we live is in desperate need of people like us that still believe in the power of love.

After all, being a hopeless romantic is always absolutely better than being just hopeless.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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