Well, I admit it.

I belong to the kind of people that believe in soulmates. I always did. I even find that old cliché saying there is a soul mate out there for each one of us absolutely true. I should probably blame the fairy tales I have been fanatically reading since my childhood, my all-time favorite princess stories from Disney movies, and of course my deeply romantic heart, for that. But, anyway, I do. After all, I am pretty sure that I have witnessed the connection of real-life soulmates once or twice in the past. And I also think that I must have met mine somewhere between my old, wild teenage years and the calm, married life I have these days.

And while that feels like ages ago, I still remember its taste.

For me, a soulmate is a person that can turn your whole world upside down. Someone that you are really mad about and obsessed with. A person that can make you lose control, thus acting really crazy and unlike yourself. Someone that you love unconditionally and limitlessly. The one that has the actual power to change every inch of you and transform you completely both on the inside and outside. A soulmate can unlock all these hidden wild instincts and passions of yours you never knew that existed. Doesn’t that seem romantic?

Finding your soulmate sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, I am so sorry to disappoint you but I have grown up to believe that it isn’t. If you have already met yours, you would probably know better than this too. You would know about the vehement love that makes the relationship between soulmates unhealthy and toxic for both parts of the equation. About all the absurd rush that makes you feel vulnerable and stupid and the heartbreaking agony and pain that it inevitably involves and the energy that you need to put in it. Indeed, no matter how hard you try, such an affair rarely works. Because the love connection experience between two true soulmates tends to consume both of them eventually.

And the worst part in meeting your soulmate is finding the guts to walk away from this person, the one that you love more than yourself and much more than you could ever imagine, but turns out to be so bad for you. And it is unbelievably ironic that the reason why such a person can hurt and harm you so badly is simply the fact that they love you back in that same crazy, reckless and destructive way.

So, I guess that soulmates exist out there. But, if by any chance you step into the path of yours, you shouldn’t consider yourself lucky. On the contrary, you should find the strength to turn your back on them before it’s too late.  Because while soulmates -according to my theory- can be found in this world, it seems that they don’t really belong here. They actually must go back to the fairytales where they come from.

Only then we would be free to choose happiness by giving a chance to those other people around us that surely aren’t our kindred spirits, but are ready to love us deeply as we are. They are the ones that make us feel like ourselves and proud of ourselves while keeping us calm, happy and safe with them. They are life partners that are here to stay and make our lives better, instead of making a guest appearance in them just to destroy us beyond reparation.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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