Love; breathtaking and lifegiving. Wonderful but painful. Most of you have experienced it. So, most of you know that the story goes like this…

Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Many hugs, kisses, words of love and beautiful moment. Later they end up sharing pieces of their hearts and making dreams of the two of them staying together forever. Time goes happily by.

But then, suddenly or not, the two lovebirds sadly fall apart. The same things that brought them together seem to be tearing them apart. And it ends. It may seem unfair, but it happens all the time. And regardless of the reason, in most cases, it involves a lot of pain and frustration. After their breaking-up with someone, most people feel hurt and heartbroken or at least disappointed by the inglorious ending of their relationship. Then, it is absolutely natural for ex-lovers to think that they won’t be able to love again, when a love story turns bad. At least, in the beginning. And it is really common for them to believe that they lost their one and only chance in true love.

In fact, there is an important number of people out there who believe that “love happens only once in a person’s lifetime”. And of course, it is true that some of us are lucky -or could it be unlucky?- enough to fall in love with someone once and share the rest of our lives with them. So, it seems that love happens only one time in such cases. But then again, the majority of people have to engage in more than one romantic relationship before actually finding the man or woman they are willing to spend their lives with. And some of them might grow tired of it and feel like giving up on love in the process. After failure, many people wonder how they could claim back their hearts from their exes in order to give them to someone else. And they find it impossible to find their way back to happiness. They might eventually start believing that they have never loved anyone truly or that they should have stuck with their first love, at any cost, because that might had been the only one that was real.

But, life proves thoughts like that wrong and surprises all of us every single time. I guess what I am trying to say is that for me, love can happen more than just once. There seems to be more love after love, because this marvelous thing someone can feel and give never runs out or dries up.  When our heart is finally ready to love again, it will. And it should. The good news is that whether we will fall for the same person or someone else, there is no limit to how much, and how many times, a person’s heart can be filled with love. Not only real life experience, but even scientific studies have proven that.

So, if you belong to the romantic souls that search for their one and only, think it over. And think it twice, before judging anyone that doesn’t share your opinion.

People can actually love once, twice or as many times as they want in their lifetime and that does not make their feelings fake or not special. Besides, there are many different kinds of romantic love that a person can experience and each one has something else to give.

There is the first love that we will always remember with nostalgia, the breathtaking one that lasted a little but was really intense, the one that we settled down with for a while, though it did not work in the end, or the one we ended up marrying.

And though all our love affairs aren’t destined to be the love of our lives, the feelings that we have for each one of our lovers are true in their own sense every time.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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