Well, you have to admit it.

The person you are most afraid of is yourself. At least the version of you that you have grown to become. And it scares you mainly if there seems to be a huge gap between the man (or woman) you are today and the one you have always wanted to be. Then, this better and enhanced person, the one that you have always dreamed of becoming, haunts your mind and soul on a daily basis. And you are upset, because it reminds you that once you were far more self-confident and optimistic than now. In fact, it was not so long ago when you used to think highly of yourself and did not hesitate to dream big. Yes, you can definitely say that once you were a happy dreamer.

You used to sit for hours just making all sorts of crazy plans about the future. Then, you used to share all those ambitions of yours with the whole world. Whether your dreams included becoming an astronaut or simply a loving parent of two, they made you smile. They gave you hope. And kept you moving on. You set goals and focused on them. You even felt strong and positive that you would accomplish them. Tomorrow looked promising and bright and your future self was meant to be brilliant, successful and happy.

That was then. Life happened in the meantime and changed your course – more than once. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t managed to become successful in some respects. Besides, your perception of success might have changed radically over the years.

But have you made it to real happiness as well? Are you completely satisfied with who you have become? If yes, you can consider yourself a lucky person. Nevertheless, it is highly possible that you aren’t. Real life, you see, with its obligations, setbacks and overturns, is the one which finally molds your character and makes you forget all about your juvenile dreams. Reality in all its splendor strikes you, and you need to grow up and face the fact that, suddenly, you aren’t a child anymore. At some point, you have to rise to the occasion. Even if that means that you should burry everything you have been dreaming of, deep inside you. Yet, giving up on your dreams can be painful. And it can leave your heart wounded, unsatisfied and unhappy.

But, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem. There is always a chance for you to change direction. If the one looking back at you in the mirror resembles more what others wanted you to become, you should act immediately. If you feel that you have betrayed or lost your beliefs in the way, you can still reinvent yourself. Find the strength to rise up against the things that prevent you from becoming the best of you. You should start battling with anything you don’t like about yourself right away. There are no excuses. You have one life to live after all and you are supposed to spend it exactly as you wish.

So, whether in your 20s, 50s or even 100s just remember. It’s never too late to fulfill your potential and become the one you have always dreamed of being. It might not be easy. And it might not be quick. It takes a lot of effort to change your whole life perspective and everything you used to know and believe in. But if you have pictured it happening, then you know it is not impossible.

One thing I know for sure: even if you have to fight your way through really hard, becoming the one you always wanted to be is worth all the while.

Author: Sofia Argyriadou

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