You see them, they see you; your eyes lock on one another’s. You can both sense there’s trouble ahead and this won’t be an easy one, yet you don’t care. You are crazy about them, it doesn’t matter you’ve just met them. They want you as bad as you want them. There are a million reasons as to why the two of you should not be together, but then there’s that one single reason that will never leave you apart – the heart.  It has a mind of its own, a crazy, reckless, sensitive, beautiful mind.

So, when the mind in your head says no, the mind in your heart screams yes; so loud and clear you can’t but listen to it and follow its commands. It’s a battle in which you know the winner.

It’s always the heart and its games.

I mean, people ask us all the time: “Why them?” What do you even reply to that? How many times have you responded with an “I don’t know” or a “Just-because”? There’s no logic behind what the heart wants. You might have two people that are exactly the same and yet you won’t feel the same way for the both of them.

Look at us; we are a bright and live example of that. You’ve said it time and time again. You shouldn’t be with me. I bring out the worst in you, yet you won’t go because of that something about me. And there’s me screaming and breaking up with you a million times in a day; yet here I am. It’s not a matter of dignity. It’s not a matter of bruised egos. It’s how we return to each other. It’s that passion that’s still there.

It’s the way you kiss me, it’s the way I tell you I’m sorry, it’s how you take back what you said when you were angry; it’s the heart. It’s fighting against the mind. It’s as much heartless, as the heart is brainless. No emotions whatsoever are considered in each judgement. It won’t let you risk if you follow it blindly. And the heart… it will throw you into the lion’s mouth if you simply follow what it desires; yet you can’t decide. It’s like trying to pull the rope from both sides simultaneously. It’s a battle and even if the mind wins for a while, the heart will always come back and stubbornly demand that it gets what it wants and the mind will lose once again.

You do it, too, sometimes, you know. You just put cold blooded logic into force and you built walls so high that I can’t get on the inside and get you to feel what I feel and then just before I lose hope, you soften up, you get yourself together and we are happy again. See, when it comes to love there is no logic and you finally realize that. We both do.

What stands true as a general rule in life does not stand true for love. Love alters you; all of you, completely. You of all people should know that. My logic dictated that I torture you at first, try you out, every selfish, stupid, insane thing I could do, I did. And then you loved me and I felt it; I could see it. And just like that, you changed me. Just like that I stopped being the nasty bitch. Just like that my heart opened up again and the mind gave up.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s this: no love is love if the mind rules. Love is messy; in a beautiful kind of way and it’s messy because it’s driven by the heart. It’s unpredictable and it sends butterflies in your stomach and smiles on your face.

If we’d let the mind guide us we would go on with our lives just fine, but it would be just that; fine. We chose to let the heart show us the way; and there’s fireworks and passion, well ok, fighting too, but you get my point.

We listened to our hearts and look how happy we’ve made each other. Look at our faces in the mirror. Look how pretty we seem; yeah, baby, that’s what our heart did to us. It helped us flourish and spend moments that make us feel that our chest is going to explode of happiness; it’s so good we can’t seem to take it all in.

For as long as our hearts feel the way they do, let them lead the way and let’s just follow. You in? Because I certainly am.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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