It’s all a matter of perspective, after all; the way we see things, the way we understand and perceive certain situations. It all depends on how you feel and in what physical and mental state you are at that exact moment. Go five years back; or move five years forward that exact thing you sweat over might not even matter, you might see it with more compassion, more clearly — who knows.

What is for sure is that as we change, so does our attitude towards life and the people around us. The things you sacrificed, you are no longer willing to sacrifice. The pain you’ve felt; you decide to guard yourself and never feel it again. You block people out and let only the few good ones in. You no longer believe in second chances and your softness is gone; it was not good for you. Being soft and kind is interpreted as being naïve and stupid in our days. Well, it’s time to show who you truly are and keep all of those nice qualities for yourself, your loved ones, your children and the pets.

It might have been a word, an act or even a gesture; whatever it was, it shook you up. Who wants to be thought of like that when all you were trying to do was the right thing? You don’t really deserve that do you? But that’s how life rolls and you have to roll with it. Accept what was and move on to be the person you are and the person you want to be; not someone you don’t recognize anymore.

Go after your goals and dreams; be ready to fail again and again but rest assured that, as long as you keep trying, you will succeed. Learn to be realistic and practical, solve your problems using your logic and don’t panic. Look at all those successful people out there. Some of them had set – what seemed as – completely unrealistic goals; yet they worked meticulously and passionately until they succeeded.

It is not only until you have found your full potential and your true self that you begin to develop and evolve. The moment you realize that, feels like trashing the past and starting fresh. You feel strong and capable of achieving anything and everything.

All you need is that one crucial moment when something or someone tries to make you feel completely worthless and incapable. They try to extinguish your every achievement and ability into something small and irrelevant. They keep making comparisons trying to show you how little you are. But what they don’t realise is that, at that exact moment they’ve made you realize who you really are.

And it’s now your turn to make comparisons. Would your past self accept all of these? Do you want your future self to be treated like that? And that’s when the big bang happens within you. “No more”, you say. Only this time you don’t just say it. You start acting, because you are a pitiful human being right now and that’s not who you used to be and that’s definitely not who you want to be.

You begin to love yourself above anyone else and you know that does not mean that you are selfish or insensitive, you don’t feel guilty if you say no, you act as you feel and you know that, if you are fine, nothing else really matters. You look at yourself and your well-being again and you feel refreshed.

You learn to live with yourself, you accept you and you start becoming the person you used to be, the person you want to be. All the dark days and the ugly nights are gone; all the bad thoughts have suddenly disappeared. You know your worth and you accept nothing less.

You’ve finally got your life back. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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