There are moments in life when everything feels too calm and quiet and you long for something big to come along and shake things up, make some noise and excite you. You keep on living your life ignoring the ordinary things and the people that come your way. Besides, in order to get your majestic, exciting something you have to look for it in places you’ve never searched before. You might not even know what it is yet, though more often than not it’s a person.

But, you know, life is unexpected and surprising in many ways and while you are searching for your new shiny toy in one place, you will find it in another; somewhere you’ve searched a million times before. See, there are things in life that come in silence, without a single warning or a sign to prepare us for what is to come and that’s where their beauty lies.

So, you find your lover in a friendly face that was right next to you for so long or in the person that was standing behind you in the line at the grocery store; nothing big and spectacular, no fireworks and trumpets. It just happens; they come along uninvited and unannounced.

You think that something that comes so easily and ordinarily will not be important, but anything that invades our life like that is more likely to be good and lasting. The best things are the ones that come in silence with a bright smile and shiny eyes.

All you want is a person to feel you, to understand you and be there for you even if they don’t fully get you at times. The way they come into your life is not that important and if you expect something to rush into your life and amaze you, it will leave you the same way it came with you watching and wondering what went wrong.

The quiet and the unannounced can, too, surprise you and excite you and send butterflies into your stomach. Plus, it hasn’t really come unannounced; it just so happened that the whole thing came naturally. Think about it. You met someone and the two of you had so much to talk about that it felt that you’d known each other for ages.

It’s that feeling that, though, you’ve only just met the person, you want to get to know more of them and you deeply care for them. It’s like you can read each other’s mind at times and you can finish each other’s sentences. Isn’t that quite big and extraordinary on its own? And does it really matter that your romance didn’t start off like a Hollywood movie?

Life is not a movie, at least not the kind of movie in which you can predict the end. It’s full of twists and pleasant surprises. You just need to keep your eyes wide open for those subtle signs that you might miss, if you are too focused looking for your wonderful, spectacular miracle that will sweep you off of your feet.

The love of your life will ring no bell; you might call it arrogant in that sense. It will simply waltz in and though the dance is slow and calm, it’s still graceful and it does carry some sort of beauty and magic in it. And you know it always takes a waltz before you can tango; easy and slow steps before the more complex and faster ones.

First comes the charming and playful look, the one saying that you want to give in but you still hold yourself together until you get to know the other person better and then comes passion and desire for one another.

The quiet and the spontaneous are way better. They find you when you least expect it and that’s where the magic lies. So, be prepared for nothing and expect nothing and when that something happens to you, just let it in and live it.



Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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