You go about life thinking that you want it to be perfect in every aspect; you dream of landing perfect marks, getting the perfect job, finding the perfect partner and living in the perfect house. What you don’t really realize is there is no such thing as “perfect”. Ideal maybe, but not perfect.

Perfection is perceived differently by each one of us, and it is based on the goals and dreams we have for ourselves. It’s more about feeling happy and satisfied with the life you are leading, rather than actually having a perfect life.

I mean, you would love to live someone else’s life when they feel it is inadequate for them and they want more from it and the story goes on and on like that. The same principle applies when choosing a partner.

When the time is right and you feel ready, they come along and they sweep you off of your feet. It might be a person you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, but fate brought it that way so that the two of you met and fell in love.

They are imperfect human beings with all of their flaws and insecurities and annoying habits, but they are perfect in your eyes. And it’s merely their actual perfection that holds you there unable to take a step away from them or even think to leave them. It’s that you have come to love them just as they are and you couldn’t think for a second that they are anything less than perfect.

You can’t imagine a moment of your life without them, simply because they have come to be your other half, your everything. They are more perfect than any perfect human being on the entire planet, because you’ve attributed that term to them.

It is your love that makes them perfect in your eyes and not the other way around. Stop having feelings for them and they might turn into the ugliest, worst person you have ever met.

Love can be blinding in that respect. But as long as they hold your heart in their hands they are perfect. They know your habits, they know what to say when you are sad or angry and you know how to handle them all the same in such situations and that is perfection for you.

You don’t care if they are always dressed up, or wear their makeup flawlessly. You don’t even care if they spend the whole day in their pyjamas, moping around the house, not in the mood for anything. You just know that if you remove them from the picture, your life feels empty and pointless.

Of course, you have your job, your house, your friends, your family, but you won’t have them and that hurts. You don’t want to imagine a day in which your perfect, imperfect person isn’t there to share things with; and that’s what makes them perfect for you. It’s not that your life can’t go on without them; it’s that you don’t want it to go on without them.

If you have found that one person that makes it all seem wonderful and beautiful, the one that makes you realize that life is not just work and stress, the one that helps you have fun and relax and laugh, then they are definitely your perfect person and they are definitely your keeper.

If, on the other hand, you have found them, but you screwed up and you have lost them, make sure you apologize and stand by. If it was really true love, if it was not just in your head but there really was something there, then wait. I am a hopeless romantic, you see, and I believe that true love always finds its way back.

If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be and something bigger should be around the corner for you; something you will call perfect, someone that will really be perfect for you, and who will call you perfect back.

Because perfection, just like beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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