March, 8; a day dedicated to every single woman around the world. It’s supposed to be a reminder of the struggles women had to go through in order to gain equal rights to men — like the right to vote and fair treatment in the working environment. Even so, and even if a hundred years have passed since the first celebration of Woman’s Day, there are still women who fight for equality and recognition in certain countries of the globe. Even so, and even knowing this, the day itself is now used to simply celebrate the existence of women, their beauty and their vulnerability.

The whole concept has lost its value and its importance, though, and it has been undermined to another reason for restaurants, florists and jewelry stores to benefit. You will get bombarded by commercials on posters and on the radio advertising special events for the day, urging women to make a booking for food and drinks for the night and men to buy an appropriate gift to make their woman feel special.

Women, on the other hand, look at this day as a chance to go out, flirt and party. It’s a chance to dress up, get their hair and make-up done and feel beautiful and attractive so that they are noticed by the opposite sex. They are celebrating their independence by reducing themselves to a beautiful face and a sexy outfit. That’s not what our ancestors fought for; that’s actually what they fought against.

They fought against stereotypes and taboos. They wanted women to be free and have their own voice instead of simply posing a happy, healthy exterior to catch the eye of the richest and most handsome bachelor in town. They wanted a better future for their daughters and granddaughters, one in which they would be able to speak up and demand and risk just like men did.

The attention has now shifted from the actual initial idea behind the whole movement that earned women their rights to a more globalized and superficial concept. A century ago women had to fight for things that we now take for granted; yes, even the fact that you can now drive your car and you don’t need a man behind the wheel is because of what those women did then.

We are, basically, celebrating the liberation of one human being from another. We are celebrating the fact that women earned what should be theirs from the beginning of time, what they should have access to ever since men did. We limit the strength and power women have into just one day of the year, but what about all the other days and what about the fight that is still to be done?

The first women who ever dared to go against the system and the norms of the society, were considered outcasts and they were finger – pointed. They dared face, not only powerful and prestigious men, but also fellow women who felt as suppressed as them, but who did not have the courage to stand up against a beast.

Even though women have gained much more power than they used to have, there are still certain stereotypes they are expected to follow, otherwise they are, too, judged. There are still double standards as to the lifestyle and attitude each sex needs to have and certain limitations as to the way they express themselves.

The female existence should be celebrated every single day. A woman is a person with many faces, a person that can achieve just about anything; and yet she is still portrayed as weak and in need of protection. She is responsible for a hundred tasks every day, she is kind and fierce and yet she might not be trusted to take over leading positions. A woman is the only being with a thousand feelings that can feel them all at once.

If you are a woman reading this just remember that you should not wait for a special day to celebrate your individuality and your freedom. Every day is a day in which you have the leading role in your life. You hold the pen and you can write your story any way you want to.

If you are a man, don’t wait for this day to treat her nice. She deserves that special treatment every single day of her life. After all, she does make all the sacrifices you do, maybe even more. Appreciate her and her little peculiarities all year round and you will see her flourish and nurture you.

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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