Okay, so you have met a nice man or woman who is not exactly your type but you feel good around them and the vibes they send have a way of mesmerizing you. Yet, you know that the two of you won’t have a future because you could never fall in love with them. So, you decide to play your part for as long as it lasts until that better something comes around.

You go about pretending you are in love with them, saying all the right words and doing all the right things to convince them of your intentions; and even though you know you are just acting, the other person is head over heels for you because they truly believe you.

You see them, you experience them in moments of vulnerability and weakness, in moments where they act funny and they reveal their deepest thoughts and secrets; some of them astonish you, or amaze you, and you start seeing that person as so much more than you initialy thought they were, until you wake up one day and you realize that you are no longer pretending.

You are actually, truly in love with them.

Your scam has turned against you and you are now the vulnerable and insecure one. Only now, your partner already feels safe and reassured about your relationship, because while you were pretending, they were starting to feel comfortable and nice within the relationship.

See, when you are about to do something like that you should be prepared that you might get the exact opposite results. I am not saying it is a bad thing to feel how you feel; it would be even worse if you just ditched the other person out of the blue while they thought you were crazy in love with them.

I am only saying that you got what you deserve; both in the good and bad sense of the word. You get to feel how your partner felt at the beginning – all the worrying that they might lose you, or that they might not feel the same way – but you also know that it’s a feeling that has an equal response. Your partner loves you and so do you. It’s not a one way street.

Maybe you were afraid of love, maybe you had never fallen in love before and you didn’t know how to act, maybe you’d been hurt in the past and you wanted to secure your heart from yet more pain. No matter what the reason, it was a nasty thing to do. No one has the right to play with another person’s heart; and you claimed yourself the right to do so.

If you have been hurt and you are still in pain, don’t bother getting involved in the first place. It’s no one’s fault that your ex treated you the way they did, nor should your new lover be punished for your ex’s mischiefs. So, pretending to be in love and then actually fall in love is the best and sweetest punishment that could happen to you.

Playing with people’s feelings is not the nicest thing to do. Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it felt like when people played with and laughed at your feelings and they served lies right into your face. Perhaps you can’t remember what it was like when you were mistreated and down all the time.

At least something good came out of it, this time. But how would it feel if you never felt anything for the other person? Could you stand hurting them like someone else once hurt you? I think not. Becoming heartless is one thing, but fooling around when your partner is in it with all of their heart and mind is a whole different thing.

So, you fell in love without it being your intention. So, what? Are you going to run away from your feelings or are you going to stick around and face it like anyone would do? After all, this might be your one true love; don’t blow it.  

Author: Georgia Efstratiou

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