It came to me one day. A friend returning from a trip actually triggered it; she had been thoughtful enough to bring me a present – a magnet souvenir. Curious as a five year old child, I spent time elaborating on this item and then out of nowhere this bizarre idea took over my thoughts.

Are people just like magnets? Do we possess the power of attracting things?

Having a quick search surrounding those questions, I found that some scientists rushed to call it “The Law of Attraction”. I, on the contrary, have given it a different name. I prefer to call it “The Magnet Theory”. Everyone is a magnet and therefore what they are, they attract, what they think, they become.

One of the hardest realizations that we, as humans, will ever need to have is that thoughts are simply a figment of our imagination; thus they should not let them affect our reality.

I figured that when you think sad thoughts, you become miserable yourself. Likewise, when you contemplate good things, you instantly feel better. It’s no coincidence that Peter Pan used to think happy thoughts to lift him up into the air. He may have been using a pinch of a fairy dust; but it was the positive thinking that did all the work. This change of mindset cannot be mastered overnight though. It is established little by little, day by day, through tiny steps and the little things in life.

When you feel down, it is essential that you find some free time to relax by yourself. Lie down, close your eyes now and comfortably place one hand on your stomach, breath. Inhale deeply and exhale the same way. Can you feel how your stomach changes? Place your other hand right above your chest. Can you feel how your heart beats? If you don’t regard the sound of your heartbeat to be the most thrilling sound you have experienced, I am afraid that you got it all wrong. You are alive and this moment is yours. Nothing should matter less or more.

Be grateful for what you already have. If you are healthy and have a job to go to everyday, a home to live into and a loving family, you are richer than you think. But most importantly be grateful for this tiny detail – you are loved. Never forget that. And in the name of that, remember who you are. Trace down your battles, your accomplishments. Look how far you’ve come and still you have the whole life ahead of you. You can and you will, without a single drop of doubt, survive every twist and turn, every little hurricane that comes along.

And while dealing with these discomforts, make sure that you find shelter into your own shell; your uniqueness. You are different, you are unique in every possible way and that is your power. If you haven’t noticed yet, you simply set the standards and the crowd follows your example – just like that. You’re extravagant, a shining diamond. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to shine a bit brighter than you usually do. Diamonds aren’t supposed to be shy anyway; they came into this world to give it the sense of glamour. You should be proud of your sparkle, so sparkle so brightly that you blind every motherfucker out there who dared to doubt you in the first place.

In the back of your mind; save this fact. Whatever it is that you want; you will receive it. And for that, you ought to trust the timing; to stop chasing situations. When the time is right, it will come to you. Despite of hardly believing it, it is already on its way. To put it this way, it is just waiting for you, to completely grow within and consequently become utterly, genuinely ready for it. The fairy Godmother was serious when she claimed it, that even miracles take a bit of time. You were never made for mediocre anyway. You are amazing and you deserve the very best. The trick though, is that you do not expect them to come anytime soon. I repeat – be patient, patience’s the key.

It is also crucial that you do more things that make you feel happy, content about your routine. Do you feel like singing right in the centre of the shopping mall? Do it. Do you want to dance in the middle of the street? Better fucking do it and don’t you dare of apologizing for it. A little bit of spontaneity every now never hurt anybody. Even if that secludes washing the dishes half naked, dancing to a Ricky Martin song hit.

Surround yourself with positive people. Energy is contagious. The people, with whom you spend most hours with, are the ones you get most influenced by. Make your choices wisely. The very same people that you choose, you ought to go places with. At the same time, never settle down with the idea of settling down. An open mind is never built by staying one place. While exploring, it essential that you take lots and lots of photos – they will be proof of how fucking awesome your youth was.

Last but not least, don’t be pretentious. You don’t like someone? Fine; you don’t have to pretend like you do. The world is already filled up with fake people. If you can’t find a good person, at least be one. Because all the best things; happen to those who believe in the magic of their potential but most of all, positivity.

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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