When asked what my horoscope sign is, I usually answer in a whispered tone. As if I don’t want anyone to really hear my answer since I already know what their reaction to it will be.

Due to the fact that sign of Gemini horoscope is represented by twin brothers, many assume that people born under this sign have, as a matter of a fact two faces, with this prejudice hovering all over the place of how the people of this sign are neither trustworthy nor reliable. As the symbol of the sign suggests, inside each Gemini there are two different personalities that are in a constant battle in between them; or as I often like to call them – the angel and the devil sitting on each of my shoulders.

I am here to set the record straight and, in our defense, tell you that Geminis are not two-faced; but rather multidimensional. Some may dare to call this a pure case of a bipolar condition and the truth is that they are, in a fashion. Having these two personalities grants Geminis the opportunity of seeing both sides in a disagreement. For that precise reason, they are also called the chameleons of the zodiac cycle, something that allows them to always live on the bright side of life – they are basically walking rays of sunshine.

They can easily adapt to any situation, without a single complaint. As open-minded as a person can ever be, with the right justifications in your argument, a Gemini won’t hesitate to support you — for they have the tendency of always playing fair.  Each debate is such a spiritual challenge, and it is quite hard to catch up with them since they experience an unstoppable personal evolution on a daily basis.

To them, life is an endless party; in the same way that the contacts listed in their phones are endless. Bubbly and communicative, they are the life of the party. Who’s that person that has everyone sitting around them like well-behaved children, listening enthusiastically to their stories? But a Gemini of course. They are the very best storytellers; forever since they were babies they had always been into fairy tales. They are basically small children trapped in adults’ bodies throughout their whole life. To claim that most Geminis suffer from the syndrome of Peter Pan isn’t a mere exaggeration. They preserve their childhood innocence and they use this playful side of theirs for flirting.

Geminis are known flirts; flirting is a way of life for them. Yet when they make up their mind and decide to commit, they become blind to the rest of the world. It might take them a while to say the L-word, but be sure as hell that when they say it, they mean it. When a Gemini loves, they love hard, establishing them as one of the best lovers. One day you will be waking up next to a glorious breakfast and the next day at 3 am you will be woken up by their urge to make love on the rooftop. They are as unpredictable as a hurricane, with their sex never being boring.

However, getting a Gemini to seriously commit must be one of the toughest targets plausible. What can I say, these people just love their freedom – and they are sincerely not willing to sacrifice it for anyone less above average. Geminis hate average, with them it’s all or nothing, explaining the fact that occasionally they are acting out like little bitches to those they don’t like. Being quite observative and excellent body language and mind readers, they have the charisma of distinguishing warm-hearted people to fake ones from the very beginning.

By a Gemini’s side, you will learn how to live your life and not just exist. And since their mind is a portable encyclopedia, you’ve got a lot of learning to do. Driven by their thirst for everlasting intrigue and knowledge, you may meet a lot of Geminis in the education department as well as journalism – communication is their mantra.

Despite appearing open, Geminis have the tendency of categorizing the people in their life and trust very few. They have many acquaintances; people that often go out with, yet their most real friends are to be counted on the fingers of one hand. To those few friends, they can be the most loyal human beings. They are the type of friend that you would call at 2 in the morning to go for a car ride when you are not feeling well, only because you are aware of how good they are at cheering up others.

Have I mentioned much of this zodiac sign loves adventures? Their feet as well as their mind are in constant movement. Geminis just can’t keep still, neither should you if you wish to have one in your life. Very good at multitasking, they can act on five different things at the same time with their thoughts jumping from one subject to another. They can switch the conversation topic without you really noticing it, for they are the master at manipulating minds; justifying the rumor that claims that they always get things done their way.

Try to push a Gemini into a corner and you will witness their evaporating skills into a split second. Geminis hate being pushed or anything that comes with limitations really. Do you want a Gemini to say I love you? Don’t aim for their heart. Geminis love with their minds. Stimulate them with your knowledge, show them that you are an interesting person, and impress them with your good manners. As a matter of a fact, Geminis don’t ask for much when it comes to the people that they love, they simply seek for brainiacs; someone who can talk about books and can sit together watching the stars on an early morning; for they never get to sleep properly.

Lack of patience and focus ought to be their greatest drawbacks for they are always lost in their own thoughts. Unbelievably horny, hopelessly romantic, tremendously huggable, and kissable these are the Geminis…the most misunderstood zodiac sign. How can you not love them, I ask you?

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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