Throughout those funny twists and turns of life, there comes a point when you finally make it – you achieve your goals, all one by one and you look back at your path with a smile of satisfaction written on your face. Whether those goals were big or small, it was entirely up to your effort, your hard work and your persistence that you managed to pursue your plans.

Besides the apparent fulfillment that now runs through your veins unstoppably, this adrenaline filled question comes next to reign your thoughts of whom you should tell first. Who should really be the one to know the good news? My dear friend, the single fact that such puzzlement even exists and troubles your mind; is a sign of how you have fucked up big time.

You see, if there were in fact some people (or at least one worthy person) in your life, you wouldn’t even bother contemplating such nonsense. Instead, you would just grab your phone and immediately dial a number which you would probably know by heart. And if you were lucky enough, you would be running to the next room shouting at the top of your lungs for the pleasant turn of events in your life.

Are you puzzled enough now? Stop staring at your phone’s screen already and admit the truth to yourself.

Rarely is it that people actually care; especially when it comes to the announcement of someone else’s great success. To pretend that you care while someone is sitting at the bottom of the ocean and struggling with their own demons is rather easy.  Just think about it – that feeling of superiority dominates you with the person sitting opposite you, being that, at least in their current situation, they are somewhat worse off than you are. Seeing someone going through a rough time can easily lift your mood, since you are just a viewer and thus you are less emotionally vulnerable. Oh, the disease of jealousy is one of the sneakiest in this world, with people infectiously pretending to like one another and promising things they do not even mean.

It is a known fact that during a time of hardship is when loyal friends reveal their colours and become the stepping stones that help you up from the depths you have fallen into. Nevertheless, it is equally important that those very same friends stand by your side, when that storm eventually turns into a rainbow. And that to me, it ought to be the ultimate success in one’s life. Sometimes, just sometimes, success is not to be perceived economically wise and it does not always come into the shape of paper money, neither does it appear in the likes that a post might gain in social media.

Consider yourself lucky if you are surrounded by people who have known the confused, the poor, the weirdest and most psychotic side of you — and are still there. The people with who, step by step, day by day, you have walked with you through hell, hoping hand in hand for the arrival of better and more blissful days. Those rare people who are in fact more cheerful than you when the sky gets a bit brighter that it used to be, for they know what you have been through and how you deserve so much more than you settle for.

Therefore, the next time good news pops up, be careful with whom you share it. Not everyone is going to feel as pleased as you expect them to feel. But also, bear this in mind for in every situation: there are two sides of each coin and you ought to be aware of both. Success may be your ultimate and dream destination, but it is of great necessity that you do not get so obsessed with it that you do not pay attention to what is going on around you. You ought to ensure that you do not lose people during the process of producing the desired results. And I’m not referring to everyone of course, but to the people who are actually worthy of bothering not to lose.

Honestly, would you rather be drinking celebratory champagne all by yourself?

And ladies, take a moment and think about this as well: Forget the luxuries, disregard the expensive bags and cars, mind off the plastic side chicks and the endless posts on Instagram for they are just desperate attempts for attention. Stop being so superficial and behaving like a fifteen year old girly – getting impressed by the looks and the brand logo on a man’s shirt. That’s not what success is about. A true man’s value is not to be counted by the size of his wallet but rather his IQ level and his loyalty. Never allow that materialistic bullshit brainwash you honey, for you will end up with soulless belongings being your only company at night.

First comes love. Besides, what’s the point of success if you have no one to share it with?

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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