She looks at herself at the mirror. All she sees is a beautiful young woman. A woman so outrageously confident and at times so unapproachable indeed. However, she only realized that she was unapproachable on this very night. Dressed in her sexy black dress and with her red lipstick on, she was a pure temptation. Yet how come not even a single man made the attempt of flirting with her?

Rather timid by the view of couples snuggling and other lovebirds getting it on, an image ruled her mind with her heartbeat speeding as a racing rabbit. It’s been a while since the picture of two dozy brown eyes haunted her. Tonight she was going to be taught a great lesson on punctuation she figured. She was certain that she had put a full stop on his chapter, but there she was hanging all alone while surrounded by dozens. Her sole companion was that wine glass which had not been quite loyal, emptying itself every quarter of an hour.

That damn instinct of hers, it never seized to fail her. And as she was emptying that fourth sequent glass, she for one second smiled on how she managed to cheat her instinct – ordering it to be gone. With the door opening reveling from its outside the figure of a tall man, she thought she recognized that bulbous head and with no second thoughts ordered another round of drinks, more specifically a whole bottle. But it can’t be – she murmured as she stared beholden at him pacing towards her. How many months was it till the last time they’ve seen each other, she wondered.

With surprise she noticed of the weight he gained, the loss of his hair, the disappearance of his smile from his face. Blinking already three times within a few seconds, with a poker face is how she welcomed him as they stood opposite each other. A voice from the back kept repeating if she was the one who ordered the wine bottle, an annoying voice that belonged to the poor waiter waiting for her to answer so that he would open it.

But she didn’t have spare time to waste on insignificant things such as a bottle opening. In this right moment, she was focusing on the punctuation lesson that she was being delivered. For the full stop she so boldly placed to finish the last page of his chapter, abruptly turned into a comma. With the stereos banging hard and people around keep minding their own business, the two of them kept staring at each other with parted lips reminding her of why she loved that pair of small brown eyes. Seconds, minutes passed and those remained at their places still.

Timing, being their worst enemy as always, a brave young fellow found the guts to finally approach this beautiful woman. Little did he know as she was in the middle of a very important lesson, a lesson where a full stop became a comma, with history being written all over again. Youngsters; they really don’t ever learn do they? They forgot that we live in such a small world and with the earth being round, bumping into each other is inevitable at the end of the day. They reckoned that by going to different places, deleting each other from social media and avoiding each other, that this shall be the end of their story.

But endings to good stories are not supposed to -and should not- be written like this. And with such an over-the-top story, only an epic ending would seem suitable and fair – if there was to be an ending ever really between those two.

“Why me?” He asked with a hoarse whispering voice while the fog of his cigarette reached the ceiling. He needed to know why she would keep choosing him, him who had her sobbing to the floor, him who rejected her over and over again when they were plenty of men out there who would die to be with her in bed in that moment. Ignoring his question, she stood up and begun dressing.

“When they ask you about me, just tell them I was the only woman who loved you for who you are. The party is over.” She continued and exited that door only after ascertaining that the comma became a full stop once again, this time once and for real moving on to the next chapter of her story written.

And him, his ego broke into thousands of pieces as he watched her get going. Neither did he call out for her nor did he try to stop her. Loathing it to admit it, it was clear who had won the battle here. There he sat with his undisputed friend, his egoism and smoked a couple more cigarettes while making a huge effort to digest that this would be the last time seeing her around.

Even if he did, she would not belong to him anymore.


Author: Marianna Ioannou

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