Aside from the countless stories I have stored in my mind, there’s this particular one I keep tracking back in time. Whenever I run dry of hope, I recall this one. It is a memory that is so different from others – so sweet and inspiring.

I’m not so much a summer type of person; I have always regarded Autumn to be beyond magical. The best excursions take place during the leaf falling period, I don’t know – maybe it’s the smell of damp soil that urges me to go out more often. It was a rainy day, at the beginning of summer, more reminiscent of October than of mid-June. Freaked out by the pressures of university life, I woke up one morning and ditched it all – I had decided to give myself the day off. I promised that not a single fuck would be given on that day.

I remember sitting by the bench alone listening to music. I was so withdrawn by the melody echoing in my ears, that I allowed it to conquer me completely. There’s only one way to appreciate really good music in this life – and that is through closed eyes. Happiness doesn’t require much, does it? Sometimes happiness is just a brilliant piece of music, a good book to keep you company and a cup of blended coffee. And some playful swans that love to hang out by the river. However, that serenity and that picture-perfect scenery of mine did not last that long.

An old couple strolling by the river feeding the swans came to quarrel. They must have been fighting for quite some time, yet I had been so absorbed in my own thoughts that I did not take notice of them. It’s a pretty bizarre memory actually. One minute they were yelling in each other’s faces and, next thing you know, they were kissing. How it is possible that someone in their late sixties can still have such passion? I wondered. How on earth do they manage to appear so in love? Holding hands, the couple reckoned that after their quarrel it was time to rest. And their resting place was right beside me. Annoyed by their nerve of coming and sitting next to me, interrupting my very calm morning, I kept looking straight, totally ignoring them.

But as minutes went by and their level of intimacy hit me, I began feeling empathy towards them. I was both fond of and jealous of their relationship at the very same time. Sitting next to each other, the woman hid into his arms and he in turn was caressing her hair while occasionally kissing her on the forehead. They were so affectionate; I highly doubt that I have ever seen a couple so tender and expressive towards one another. I bet there are couples out there in their 20s that are not as loving and caring as those had been. Even from miles away, you could spot it – love was in the air. Cracking my fingers out of awkwardness, I could not resist anymore. Confused by my own personal life and how I always manage to mess everything up, I had to know their secret to everlasting love.

“You young people have no patience nowadays. The minute something goes wrong, you throw it away. You do not own the proper amount of compassion to put the pieces back together. You simply stop caring.” The woman explained nodding her head.

“Don’t you worry, kid. Someday, someone will come out of nowhere and he will show you why it never worked with anyone else before. Just hang in there and have a little faith, would you now. Don’t give up so easily. Usually, it’s the last key that opens that damn door.” The man added with a warm smile and, before I knew it, they were gone.

Despite not being the type of a person who listens to advice, I listened to theirs — and so should you. If they managed to keep a love story alive for that long, they ought to know better than us.

You might feel tired; so do I. Every time you start having feelings for someone and it doesn’t work out, you feel disappointed. But so do the rest of us. You are not the only one who, though keeps trying, their relationships do not go as planned. So my piece of advice is that you stop focusing so much on the negativity and instead begin focusing on bettering yourself.

Who would honestly be willing to get to know you better if you are a miserable, whining baby? Demolish yourself and then take time to put each piece back. Only those who have been completely destructed have a chance at being completely loved.

So what if your date didn’t go well – so what if that guy stopped talking to you. There are 7 billion people out there. Stop narrowing your limits, be open towards your options, and to what life might bring you.

There’s someone out there tonight that prays for someone like you to come into their life. There’s someone who’s dying to meet you. It’s just that your paths haven’t crossed yet. But they will — if it’s meant to be, they will. And you won’t even have to force it. Somewhere, someday, someone will come into your life and will never exit it again. Chin up, faith fully loaded.

The best is yet to come!

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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