I woke up this morning, looking up at the ceiling, with this huge smile on my face. And all that’s thanks to my first thought once I opened my eyes. Take a wild guess on what it was — you. You were my first thought this morning. And you have been my first thought for many consecutive dawns; more than you would ever expect. Ever since our first kiss, I can’t stop feeling content; with myself and, most of all, with my life. I suppose you were the missing piece that kept me constantly one step away from happiness.

This sudden attitude change has me thinking of how idiotically stupid I have been for not giving you a chance way earlier. If only I had known that you were capable of making me feel so ecstatic, I’d jump right in with no second thoughts. Yet I do not regret a bit of it, everything took place as it was supposed to – from our first date, to the first time we held hands, to that first time I tasted your lips.

They say the bravest thing one could ever do is to love again. That is why I wasted so much time pondering whether I should try once again and enter the battlefield of love. I needed time -loads of time- to be sure that this time would be the last one as well. So you know, the odds of giving it a shot were fifty-fifty. Surprisingly I acted bravely, I took the risk even though I was so hesitant at the beginning. Your persistence is what originally won me over. But most importantly, it was the way that you made me believe I worth being loved. Thanks for treating me so gently and so respectfully, I honestly thought that guys like you were extinct nowadays; that there was a tremendous lack of gentlemen. There you are though, setting a great example for all the other men out there.

There is so much more though, I could keep going on and on for hours. By your side, I discovered how simplicity is the key to brilliance. One does not need much to feel content. A simple touch, a compliment, a penetrating gaze can honestly do the work when it comes to loving one. I’m not sure which out of the three is the one which does the actual uplifting, for that, I guess, you are obligated to keep doing all of them, in that precise combination.

You must -and that is an order- keep loving me like you do.

You, without pausing for a second, must continue what you are doing because it just feels right — in all the right ways. For if you are ever to abandon me; it will feel like falling right down from heaven and I’m not sure whether I will be able to handle it.

I have become so attached to you, I will find it so hard to even breathe – our mind and bodies becoming one. Is this what falling in love feels like? That’s why they have calling it “falling” – maybe because you fall right onto a fluffy cloud and everything around you seems so peaceful and calm. The sun gets a bit brighter and out of nowhere the world seems like a better place to live in. You become productive as you find your purpose in life. You start believing in the good side of people and you are eager to help others by shedding your own ray of sunlight onto them.

Work isn’t as boring and your friends are beyond thrilled with all the positivity that surrounds you. You become a better person just by knowing that you have found someone in life that accepts you just the way you are and does not have the urge to change you. The opinions of others do not even touch you, as long as that special one loves you.

Baby, how many hours, minutes, seconds is it till I see you tonight?

I’ve completely lost the count of time with you.

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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