“Of course she’s scared you idiot. Have you got no idea of what she has been through?” And as I came across his poker face, I realized that he was completely clueless. I longed so much for these two people to be together; I knew it was up to me if they were ever going to come closer. But first, it was of high importance that he knew the whole story. He had to be aware of certain things in order to be gentle and patient with her, or else it was destined to blow the whole thing up in the air. And so I began outlining a not-so-pleasant story to me.

There was this guy; pretty damn good looking I’d -modestly- dare to say. He was a muscled up, macho man – don’t get me wrong old pal, but when one saw them together you would say they were perfect for each other. The way they looked at each other, the tender gazes he was overcome by when looking at her. He used to look down at her the way every single girl on this planet would die to be looked at. And of course she didn’t have eyes for another, the minute he walked back into her life, she bacame oblivious to the rest of the world.

But that was the problem, you see; he had the tendency of walking back and forth into her life. And every time she would allow him to enter it as if nothing had ever happened. They say that love is a fascist enchantress but what they forget to mention is that fucking cupid can also make you blind as well as deaf. It was mindblowing how he managed to brainwash her. She evolved to be this whole different person; I could barely recognize her. He brought out the worst of her without a doubt.

They had lust and they had passion but despite it all they missed out on the greatest ingredient of a successful relationship: communication. No matter how many times she attempted to sit down calmly and have a conversation regarding her needs, she never really got that. Such an egoist, such a superficial man — it was always about him. What he wanted, it was his way or the highway. She cut out many of her friends just because he did not fancy her going out and partying. Let alone that he was never satisfied with the way she dressed or behaved. “Too short for my taste”, he used to say when referring to her skirts or dresses. “Stop acting like a child and be more like a woman” he would comment after she would make a joke.

The consequence of those comments was none other than for her to become depressed, a low key girl which came in contrast to who she really was – the life of the party. And as he looked at other women -because he used to and very often indeed- she noticed of how skinny they were, how provocative they dressed themselves. In a desperate attempt for him to start taking notice of her, she cut her hair short and lost tons of weight. She began smoking till those innocent few drags eventually turned into a habit – a quite addictive one.

The grand finale to this tragic story came with him disappearing and never giving a slice of explanation. Solo and emotionally stranded, I remember her roaming the streets like a Tasmanian devil.  Day and night, night and day she could not find rest. In a long-standing emotional hibernation, the tension that echoed from her heart streamed through her veins and dominated her entire body. Drinking and smoking during the night, she was in search of a replacement that would fill the gap, that tremendous black hole he dug before abandoning her.

But no one seemed worthy of her attention and time and so she took an unexpected turn, towards her own self. She isolated herself from the world for quite some time and worked on things she had never bothered before to think about before. The conclusion was one: she didn’t need a man to be happy, as long as she was happy with who she was, everything would fall into place.

And guess what? They did. And she promised this one thing to herself; if she was ever to sacrifice her freedom it would be for a less than perfect, overly extraordinary creature who would take the time to invest to her.

And just then she met you. You are the first guy that she is willing to break that promise for, after such a long time spent wandering free as a bird. How unbelievably special that must make you feel, huh? Don’t you worry about that motherfucker, he is nothing but a memory now; a really bad one. Let bygones be bygones I say. And don’t get me wrong but if it wasn’t for him and his shitty character, you probably wouldn’t have had the chance to meet her. She was so clingy with him, I doubt that if she would have ever given you a second glance, let alone want to have a relationship with you.

You should be thankful towards him really, and next time you see him, buy that immature piece of shit a beer. He will honestly need some alcohol running through his veins after he sees you two holding hands. Allow your chest to be filled with pride; that’s one hell of a woman you have by your side, man. And keep this in mind – if she treated the wrong man that good, imagine how she will be with you.

Make sure that you make her smile every day, make sure that she never cries a single tear again.

Your job from now on is to ruin her lipstick not her mascara.

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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