Superman has always been too cliché for my taste. And as regards to Spiderman, I’m not the type of woman who’s into any kind of an insect – especially spiders. Batman on the other hand; now we are talking serious. Maybe it’s the mask thing, or that black car of his. Whatever it is, I’m definitely a huge fan. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with a guy like that any day or time given.

Such a man would teach me so many great lessons – from how to appear sexy and mysterious on a 24-hour basis to how to drive such a fast car, without crashing it the minute I put my hands on the steering wheel. But aside from these, the most important part of building such a bond, would be the part where he would tell me all the secrets to acquire a superpower of my own. Would I like to fly? It sounds pretty exciting, but I’m not sure if that is what I should choose.

Well, if I’m ever going to meet him, I must have my answer picked beforehand. Because if I don’t, he will most probably regard me as another girly girl who’s obsessed with any man dressed in a superhero costume.

Now let me see… If I was to choose a superpower what would it be?

But of course! I should have thought of that from the very beginning! Without a single drop of doubt, I’d choose to read people’s minds. Yes, that is my thing for sure. I would call myself the ‘Mind Reader’. That’s about right. No one would ever dare to lie in front of my face neither will they dare to try getting away with it; for I’d  confront them and punish them instantly. Oh, the liars I would catch in action, the frauds I would unveil. The masks would fall off and the truth would brightly shine.

But most importantly, this superpower I’d inherit would gift me with this unbeatable privilege – to read that mind of yours.

I don’t care about the others, I just long to find out on what’s inside that beautiful mind. Now I know that you may disagree on the characterization I have given it, but baby it’s the truth. Despite not craving attention, you had mine the moment I met you. Among thousands of souls that are so alike, you are so different and that is why I like you.  Just like Batman, you’re mysterious and you rarely give anything away.

I can easily tell that you prefer living in a world of your own – so do I- and that’s alright. “Imagination is the only weapon against reality”, as my dear Lewis Caroll stated once. And to be frank, the reality we are currently living in is unbearable; beyond horrid I’d say. The absentminded nature of yours; I respect it and admire it secluding the mystery as well as the brick walls.

But baby listen, I honestly don’t know for how long I will still be strong enough to keep waiting for you. You’ve got to give me a sign, or anything really – just do something before it’s awfully too late. Do something, say something, for I’m afraid my patience is gradually fading away as days go by and there is no sign of you. I want this, I really want this and you sincerely are no help. I’m suffering, can’t you see?

If only I, just for once, could read your mind. If only those words that spin around your head, came into life. How I wish I was aware of the reasons that hold you back from us being together. Tell me now, why are you shaking, why do you speak so little when we are together? I’ve seen you, I’ve seen you out with your friends. I’ve witnessed of how carefree and relaxed you are with them. Tell me why you aren’t acting the same with me. Explain the awkwardness that runs down your veins when I hug you. Give me a valid reason of why you look so deep into my eyes, that you make me want to kiss you like no one else did before. Are you doing that on purpose?

Whisper to me what you want me to be and I’ll be it. Let me be the Harley Quinn to your Joker now. Just don’t leave me hanging any more. And if it is all my idea, you can tell me that as well. Rejection is an often walked path to me, I think I can walk it once more. What is it that you want from me? If it was your plan to have me going crazy – congratulations; you’ve accomplished that. Now what?

Baby please, come clean. It’s all bullshit; all that mind reading stuff I was talking about before. You are the one who told me to be a realist. I did that too, for you – only for you. You’ve tamed a daydreamer. Don’t make me take my night dreams too, for that’s the only time I get to kiss you for real. You, you are my dream. Just tell me this: does my thought cross your mind as often as yours crosses mine?

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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