This one is for a special catagory of men out there. I’m referring to the guy that happens to be every little girl’s first love – her father. May we cherish them and may we love them for they own a unique place in our lives.

For dads, from daddy’s little girls.

To the man who watches you take your first baby steps, to that guy that changed your diapers in the middle of the night and has put up with your crying, from then to this very day; it is high time we learnt to give more credit to fathers. Cause it is quite a common phenomenon that mothers that steal the show.

Father – the characterization used for the man who silently stands in the background and watches you grow older being proud of you throughout each stage of your life. He is your stepping stone, that hidden star in the sky that you may not always spot, but you know for sure that it is always there for you. Despite his role of being quite discrete; he plays a key role in the upbringing of a girl’s both mind and soul.

The most typical scenario is for fathers to have the tendency of favoring their daughters over their sons. It is not unusual at all for them to display their preference and affection towards their little girls, paying more attention to them and fulfilling all of their requests -most of the times- spoiling them as if they are princesses. It is known that when a mother says ‘no’, you immediately go in to your dad — for you know that the answer will be ‘yes’. It might take a while to convince him, but if you show off your playful, innocent side and front those puppy eyes of yours, it is beyond certain that things will eventually happen your way.

Your father is the male prototype in your life; to whom compare all other men in your life. You may seek similarities in your future partner. It’s not a coincidence that psychology has defined it in the Ilektra Complex; referring to women who fall in love with men who look and behave like their father. Then again, you might belong to the category which deliberately avoids associating themselves with guys that have any kind of similarities with their dads; but that really depends on how well you two get along. Any case, the comparison is unavoidable among the two men of your life.

Your dad is the man who wants what’s best for you and is willing to sacrifice a lot in order for you to pursue it. He is your biggest and most loyal fan, dreaming big for you. His ultimate fear is that you might get hurt and for that reason he might intrude on your personal life at times — with the purpose of physically dissolving the issue. To him you shall always be his little girl and that is how he shall always treat you — as his baby. As your guardian angel, he stubbornly refuses to realize that you are all grown up as years go by. Besides, it is known that the fact that they eventually grow older doesn’t sit well with men. And as you grow old, you may notice how his over protectiveness never fades away.

It doesn’t matter to him whether you are in your 20s or whether you are in your mid-40s; nobody messes with daddy’s little girl. It’s rational for him to put you in the highest tower of the golden castle where no one can reach you. And if you are unreachable; you are can’t “catch” any feelings for any young fellow. Your dad knows better about how these boys swirl around breaking poor girls’ hearts. A broken heart is your dad’s worst nightmare. He was a boy once, after all, and he’s afraid that one might hurt you the way he hurt another girl back in time.

And when eventually you find that Prince Charming he will feel defeated, he will feel like he is no longer your number one priority. Someone else has now taken over his throne and for that it will take him some time to allow himself to show sympathy towards your partner. What he misses out on though; is that no matter how many prince frogs you may kiss, your dad shall always be your king.

A king in whose hands kings a fierce, not to be played with woman has been raised. He’s taught you so many lessons, and being a woman who does not begs for respect but demands for it; is one of the many. Knowing your worth, he taught you how not to settle for anything or anyone less than you deserve. As your teacher, your life long educator; you owe him eternal gratefulness. Therefore, you ought to be thankful towards him, to bear with his grumpiness as he grows old; and to accept the fact that this habit of him of wanting you to be safe and unharmed is only because he loves you; unconditionally.

This Father’s Day give him this present – say those three words out loud to him. Many people make a fuss about what present they should get for their father on Father’s Day, when there are people out there who don’t even have a father to celebrate the day with. So say your “I love you Daddy” while you still have time together. It will honestly mean the world to him for he knows that those words will be coming straight from the bottom of your heart. He knows that the best things in life are simple; words not things.

Author: Marianna Ioannou

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