I’m sure that everyone has wondered at least one time in their lives who the person who said “customers are always right” was. It is obviously wrong and the truth is in the middle; for not to say that most of the times costumer is tragically wrong – and rude.

It seems that people can’t understand the position of another unless they have walked in their shoes themselves and have had similar experiences at some point in their life. That’s the main reason that you won’t see someone that has worked as a waiter, a store clerk –or in some similar position having to deal with “demanding” clientel– act like an asshole to someone in the service sector. In these kinds of jobs, you have to deal with a large number of people, every single one of them needing something different, and a lot of them will not behave in the nicest way.

It doesn’t matter if you have had a job like this for a while only as a college student, or if it has become your profession. You will have endless stories to tell about outrageous, extravagant and rude customers with ridiculous requests.

Imagine how difficult it is for someone to work eight hours a day –and maybe more– doing something that is tiring for body and mind, having personal issues they must deal with, like every human being on this planet, and on top of all that so many people in their day and their bad behavior. It becomes from tiring to exhausting.

People with lack of self-esteem tend to feel superior when they have to deal with those whose job is to serve them as customers, such as with waiters, manicurists, hair dressers or check out clerks or store clerks. They are sure that they are so much better than them, so much smarter and of course the clerk must treat them like kings –or better tyrants– just because they pay you and it’s your job.

Well, guess what dear customer, it’s no one job to deal with your crazy requests, it’s no one’s job to put up with insults and bad behavior and it is your business to pay for something you want. So the employee is there to get you what you paying for politely as long as you are polite with them too – and that’s all!

Most of the people that work in these kinds of jobs are well educated and qualified for other jobs, but due to other difficulties in their lives, and so as to make ends meet, end up working in the service sector. So it is completely ridiculous to treat them like they are idiots. People who, in their majority, couldn’t do those jobs without messing everything up in one day, but easily judge how quickly or slowly, politely or rudely the employee that have to deal with them –and one hundred other ‘superior’ customers at the same time– behaves.

And of course these “lowly severs” should apologize when someone decides to judge and laugh and smile when a customer decides to make a joke –usually a bad tasted one– or a compliment even if it is insulting. They should feel grateful for all of it because it is their job, of course!

I truly can’t understand why some people take so much joy from making other people’s life miserable. What good will it do you to go for a coffee and instead of enjoying it, and having fun with your company, you try to insult and start a fight with someone that you know can’t reply properly to your attitude and comments, while still, at the same time, they are just trying to do their job. This is so mean. And I’m not saying that every customer is like that and not even that every employee is doing their job right but there is always a nice way to do and say what you want.

Everyday life can be really harsh sometimes and we shouldn’t make each other’s day worst by being rude and not respecting each other. So, next time you go outside and get served for something don’t forget to say the magic words: please and thank you.

Author: Areti Acheimastou

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